my unicycle just died

ahhhh im so mad!
k so heres how it went down, i was out riding at the park about 1/4 mile from my house. i was having an awesome day, just riding around having a blast on my new tire and everything…and then i hop up some stairs, turn around and go to hop down, i land and SNAP! there goes my flippin axle. ugh.
not to mention that i landed on my boys pretty hard. but man…im not happy about this.
ugh…man…im thinking that i might be able to finagle my parents into helping me purchase a new uni now though…
im suprised that lasted as long as it did though.

Awwww:( Rotten luck. You were so excited about that new tire too. Its that kind of stuff that really cheeses you off eh?

i feel bad for you, what kind of axle was it?

yea,it is pretty rotten luck…but hey life happens right?
it gave me a chance to go hiking today, which turned into a run through the woods. i havent done that for a while and i enjoyed it.
im just working on talking my parents into loaning me some dough for a new uni.

and as for the axle, it was just the stock hub and everything that came with my torker when i got a few years back. im actually really suprised it lasted this long, but the axle has been twisting and i knew it was going to happen soon. the metal was just really fatigued. but what can ya do.

That sucks man. I had my older norco go on me a couple months ago just hooping off two stacked picnic tables. What kind of torker was it? I’m riding a LX which is hardly an LX anymore. Got a double walled rim and a maxxis creepy crawler.:smiley:

Are these flippin axles specially designed for crank flip tricks? Maybe that’s why I can’t do crank flips, cause I don’t have a flippin hub with flippin cranks?


try a good trials uni this time. something made for harder riding.

like the KH trials:p