My unicycle is dying...

My $35 used, cottered schwinn is developing a wobbly axle (Seems to me like the bearings are wearing out and developing play, so that the whole axle can move relative to the frame, but I haven’t taken it apart yet because I’m afraid I’m going to mess up the cotters). I’m wondering now if It’s worth trying to fix the play in the axle (replace the bearings?), or if I should start shopping for a new uni that I can’t afford?

It’s become bad enough that I can feel the wobble when I’m riding, especially when I’m climbing hills.

Is it worth saving this uni, or should I start saving?

Take the cotter pin out first, to look at.

I replaced mine with an ordinary bolt from the hardware store.

I have no idea how hard the bearings are to find.
(I know tires are)

Dennis could give you some advice here …

I don’t know about finding the bearing for this uni but the cotter pins should be fairly easy to remove and if you mess up the pin most bike shops still carry these for only a couple bucks apiece. Loosen the nut and run it right to end of the threads. Leaving it flush with the end of the threads will protect the threads from damage when you whack it with a hammer to get the pin out. They’re usually wedged in there pretty tight. If you can’t find replacement bearings then your stuck having to find a new uni. There are pretty decent ones available on e-bay for $50. Save your pennys.

sell your uni to a museum and buy a new one with the money you get.

seriously though, everythings worth attempting to fix. It’s not as if you’ve got anything to lose, because you’d have to buy a new one anyway if it didn’t work.