My unicycle is dying!

Sure all I have is a little torker, but it is still dying. I have had one mushroomed crank, and I rode it mushroomed for too long, now my hub is becoming mushroomed. Truly I am maybe going to save up for a trials unicycle, thanks to UNiVERsE. But I’m thinkin’ it’s going to die before then. Any life preserving tips? thanks
-Jonathan Ware-

Do lots of wheelwalking practice?


What does mushroomed mean, Jonathan? Do you have some pictures of your crank and axle? You don’t have any cash and you want to make the Torker last a little longer, I take it. There’s probably a way to make it stay together if you’re not doing trials stuff on it. As I remember, you were recently setting up a trials course in your yard. If so, wait until you can get the real thing, the Torker can’t handle it.

I tell ya’,

First you want to borrow my Muni since I can’t go to Moab, now you’re all for the Trials… (which is understandable, since i want a trials uni really bad after watching universe). sheesh! make up your mind, eh?


yeah, that’s what I was thinkin’. Are you talkin’ like payin me for the torker, or just me giving it to ya? I suppose I’m good either way, although money would be nice… but! mushroomed, by my local bike store… means, ok the regular hub (non-splined) looks about like this… ____
but a mushroomed one looks like this…
___ /

I’d take a picture but the cranks are actually loctite’d on… and yet they still continue to be loose, it’s so sad… I mean, It cries when I ride it!! It’s almost like a sad whimper…

yeah, I was thinkin’ the exact same thing with the trials… here is what I was thinking ( I fixed it up a little bit on photoshop)

(all images are property of

-Jonathan Ware-

by the way… it’s a yuni frame, with a kh saddle, a kh wheelset, some pedals and a grind plate… although the grind plate isn’t on there…

sorry about the text images, they turned out as crap

I guess I’ve got problems

my trials.jpg