My unicycle is clicking....

Why?! While I’m riding something on my unicycle is making a clicking noise. The cranks are tight. The pedals wobble a tiiiiny bit when I try and move them by hand, but I can’t get them any tighter, and it doesn’t click when I do move them. If I spin the wheel when I’m off the uni, no noise. Only when I’m on it. Please help me… It’s a 2006 KH trials uni that I just got used… I didn’t hear this noise when I test road it, and it seems to be happening more as I hop around. As far as I know, they are sealed bearing pedals, but how can I tell for sure?

there’s a plastic cap on the end of most pedals, just take it off and see i the bolt is tight. It’s more than likely the pedals, but check the bearing holders too, could be something funky with a bearing. when you’re off the uni, spin the pedals and wheel but try to put pressure on it when it spins, you should be able to feel where the click is coming from. Unicycles aren’t terribly complicated creatures after all

if you can get a trials uni not creak then you are something amazing! ive always had my uni creak, only time it wont creak is after i tighten the spokes and do a lil tune up. I then go outside and do a crankflip and the creaking is back :roll_eyes:

If anything the noise is probably from the pedals, also the seat will creak on me sometimes, thats only happened since ive switched to a cf seat base though.

You can do what the can above me said to do and that will most likely fix your problem:D

clicking isn’t creaking :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm you do have a very true point haha

mine has always clicked every now and again, i usually just tighten up the obvious things and then spray some WD40 around the wheel on the spokes. it usually goes away then. i remember when i would spend ages and ages trying to protect my uni, making sure nothing was wrong with it and i would get angry with my self if it got scratched but this soon wore off :smiley:

there is probably nothing wrong with your uni just a bit dry or something causing things to rub.

Alright thanks for the tips guys. After much struggle I discovered that the spokes are probably too loose (I can squeeze them together and they all move without much resistance), so I’m going to head to the LBS and pick myself up a spoke wrench, and hopefully it will be fixed :smiley: