My Unicycle is a Chick Magnet!

Yesterday, a girl yelled at me “I love you so much!”

Today I pass a couple walking along. She’s smiling at me in a most friendly way. He’s kindof looking at me funny. I said “hi” to both of them, she gives me a bigger smile and says “hi” back, while he gives me the “what a freak” look.

I’ve had similar comments and looks in the past, but today it occurred to me that MY UNICYCLE IS A CHICK MAGNET! :smiley:

. . . so here’s a thread for us to all share our chick magnet stories. Basically a more focused spin-off of the “comment of the day” thread, but also including non-verbal reactions.

And now for the disclaimer: I’m happily married, but not above being flattered and amused by female attention. This is just for fun. :slight_smile:

Yep i also get this sometimes :slight_smile: once i did a show in front of around 1000 people and someone yelled “pussymagnet” (can’t translate it any better).

It wasn’t even a great show :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! thank goodness its my unicycle thats the chick magnet and not me :smiley:

I get heaps of girls come up and ask if they can have a go the uni - and then they insist that I hold them up while they ‘ride’ it… :wink:

My unicycle is a chick magnet too it attracts me nearly everyday to ride it :smiley:

+1 monocyclism

My unicycle is a chick magnet too…it attracts me nearly everyday to ride it :wink:


I was riding my uni to the trail that goes along Storm Lake, Iowa and a car full of girls pulls alongside and the girls are laughing and quite amused. I give a quick wave and go back to focusing on riding along the sidewalks which are old and uneven from roots of the large trees that line the streets. Lightning bugs are arcing up and away as I progress and it is quaint and warm, almost magical evening.

The car with the young women keeps pacing for a really long time, so again I look at them and wave and notice the two upfront are looking at the activities of one of the girls in back and are quite amused. There is something smooshed up against the glass on my side and I realize that it is a pair of ample bare breasts. About the time that I solve the visual puzzle, I UPD on a large gap in the sidewalk and go into a not very elegant forward roll on the walkway as the car glides away with laughter coming out of the open windows.

I doubt this would ever happen without the unicycle

Nothing’s free.

Straightarrow, if this were a contest, you’d definitely be winning at this point. :smiley:
…even though ally’s uni is certainly getting the most babe attention. :wink:

lol… straight from the guy that runs from “free” peeks.

my sig is actually a quote from a girl… honestly i was like WTF but then it was just funny cause she was serious

I need to start riding in public more often.

I was at a party at the weekend after a long day doing a demo at a mtb event with some trials bikers.One of the bikers mentioned to this chick that we had been doing a demo all day and so i said i did it on a unicycle.She was instantly impressed and asked if i had it with me,so we got it out the car and i start walking towards the door and a bunch of people ask me if i can do any tricks.They whip out a road cone so i jump it and a guy wanted me to do it 3 times to make sure it wasnt a fluke lol.The chick was watching the whole time and she was like thats amazing i bet you pull chicks with that and then said if i were you i would be using the unicycle more often :smiley:

Hmmm…I don’t think so uniShark

You forget uniShark, I have seen you in action. Remember?

Six unicyclists recently ride up to the same Seattle waterfront resturant on 36’rs and two waitress flock around which rider asking questions? What was the senior waitresses observation? “My goodness how can you ride that thing so well? poised and magnificent…just amazing”. I don’t think either of those women heard a single word you said in response uniShark. They were like moths drawn to the flame.

When we were leaving a waitress croaks at me to make sure I get my helmet and pack, she needs to lock up. I pass by as you are paying your tab and the same waitress is telling you to …“take your time”…“did you see the dessert menu?” and then she asks more unicycle questions as the other waitress listens in and they somewhat in that moment resemble lillies turning toward the sun. They cannot help themselves : )

I think the woman was oblivious to the content of your reply, but it was obvious your quiet baritone voice gently washed across her parched barren savannah like a warm spring rain. The other waitress listens in as you speak, her eyes glaze then slowly twinkle as pleasure tremons race up and down her spine and your words make her naughty parts tingle.

Those women were eyeing you like the dessert menu uniShark: one girl saw a tall dish of “mancandy” and the other was contemplating binging on a 6’4" serving of “stud muffin”.

I could just post your pic from that day again uniShark : )

I wonder why my unicycles are not chick magnets?


This is a pretty funny thread. Thanks for starting it Unishark (you ladykiller). :smiley:

They are - every time you ride them. :slight_smile:

@ Straightarrow – I guess I missed some of the details at that lunch stop. :stuck_out_tongue: But I do like your retelling of events. :sunglasses:

All of those are hilariously accurate…I remember last summer riding and theres a pretty busy road next to my house that I cross to get to a street area…and I have to wait a bit to cross but about once a week someone would stop/honk/scream/flip off me.
(flipping off only happened once.) but the first time I was going back home and these two girls screamed “YOUR HOT” to my unicycle im guessing…but the best time ever was when I was riding downtown goin on benches and girls were walkin home from the nearest highschool and asked me if I could do any thing cool on it…I landed my 540 unispin first try…little did they know It was a 1-20 shot…about…haha they were impressed and I got all three of their number/names :stuck_out_tongue:

I told my wife that if I had known that dressing up in brightly colored spandex and riding a unicycle around would get every girl I pass to talk to me, I’d have done it sooner.
While Cokering around town, a cute girl hung out a car window and yelled: “I love you, unicycle man!”