my unicycle got hydros...what,what!?

Now, now everyone, calm down…cant we all just get along? I dont want to set off a big East Coast/ West Coast Unicycle Gang War here or anything…beat-downs, ride-by shootings…no one needs that…thats how we lost Squeaky Pete back in 01’. We still miss you, P! God bless. I still put a few drops of 3-in-1 oil on the concrete for him every time I grease up.

Just to clarify…the Deathjesters dont actually exist, as anyone who followed the link would know. Im just a freelance web designer/ graphical artist playing on the humor of the ‘bad-ass tough guy Unicycle Gang’ I actually had no idea that unicycling had such a big following, or that there were even other ‘gangs’ in existance, someone saw my t-shirt and sent me a link to the Thunderwheels site, so I googled up a few different sites, and sent out some emails. Judging from the amount of traffic these forums get, and from the huge reponse, I guess unicycling actually has a big scene behind it.

To Hell-on-Wheel…haha yeah I see what you mean…the 2 logos are really similar, but I actually had no prior knowledge of you or your crew when I made the logo. I didnt know about any of this, really, I was mocking some of the old Harley-Davidson slogans, truth be told.

If anyone likes the shirt, i can customize it, and put any ‘Gang Name’ you want on it…or just make it generic for any unicycle bad boys…im just trying to sell a few shirts to keep my CafePress store open from month to month. Write me at , if you want a design made for you or your gang.

I was also going to mock up a few old 1950’s- 60’s motorcycle/drag race movie posters…you know…leather jackets, pompadors, unicycles, good girls falling for unicycle bad boys, that sort of thing.

Im actually starting to get interested in unicycling now, after looking at all these sites, I might have to pick one up and actually bring the DeathJesters into reality.

oops i screwed up

oops i clicked ‘new thread’, i meant for this to be a reply to the ‘DeathJesters’ gang t-shirt post