My unicycle doesn't go straight...

I have to lean right while riding the new 24" Nimbus to make it go straight. While riding the older 20" unicycle I don’t have to do this. Could someone tell me why? Possibilities I’ve come up with are bent frame or something wrong with the bearings.

Also check to see if the seat is perfectly aligned. I had that problem the last time I adjusted my seat until I straightened it out.

It’s not about the seat direction. Even if I twist the seat a lot to the other direction I still have to lean right.

It takes some time to get used to a larger wheel.

That’s also a possibility.

I had some trouble feeling like I was always riding off camber when I first went from my Stealth 20" to a KH 24"…

Give it a little time…you’re just not used to balancing on your 24" yet…it’ll pass with time

Well, at start I thought that could have nothing to do with the bigger wheel but I guess you (Checkernuts & zod) are right. Thanks.

I had a lot of trouble with my 28 when I first got it; I could NOT keep it from pulling to one side (to the left if I remember correctly). Some folks on the forum mentioned that this could be caused by a tire tread with a center ridge, which my original tire did have. I replaced it with a non-center-ridged tire and found that the pulling was gone. I still had trouble controlling the skinny high-pressure tire though, and replaced that with a Nanoraptor; now it is a 29 and my favorite uni.

Yes, could be tire pressure, or tread pattern. Make sure it’s not terrain. If you’re leaning to one side, ride in the same place in the opposite direction. Still leaning to the same side?

Try changing the tire pressure. See if more (or less) makes a difference.

Also make sure your wheel and other parts in the bearing area are straignt. Is the tire closer to the fork on one side than the other?

What is your experience level? Have you ridden many unicycle types, or just these two?

If it’s the tire, experiment to find the pressure that works best for you. If it has a center ridge, or a tread that acts similar to a center-ridge tire, it might just not be that great for riding in a straight line. A Gazzalodi tire, for instance, is great on dirt, but doesn’t ride nearly as well on pavement.

I’m a beginner who hasn’t seen anyone else (except in videos) ride an unicycle. The tyre is a Maxxis Hookworm 2.5. I have to lean no matter where I ride, unless riding up- or downhill. I’m going to do as much MUni as I can that’s why I bought the Gazza. I’ll see if the leaning stops when I ride more. I just got the unicycle today so nothing to worry about yet.

I had the same problem when I recently tried a 2.6" Gazza Jr. on my 24". I was running 25 psi. It kept leaning to the right. I got disgusted after a while and re-installed my Maxxis 1.85" Holy Roller. I clearly didn’t give it enough time - I needed the Holy Roller for my commuting on road/trail. I’ll wait to use the Gazza when I get another 24" built up for strictly offroad use. In the meantime, I’m thinking about getting a 29"…


Today I could finally ride without leaning. I guess it was just that I wasn’t used to the bigger wheel. I noticed that while riding with bigger wheel you feel little angles on the street lot easier. I also experimented with the seat a little.

i lean when i ride sometimes guess i just have leaning days…weird

Yes I also have those days. I just guess it has something to do with the location of stars and moon, it has nothing to do with my skill… :wink:
…or it could just be that I’m not a good unicyclist yet. By the way, I tried some MUni today. I think most people around here haven’t seen anyone riding unicycle in woods. I get strange looks even while riding on street.