my unicycle came today!!!

let me start by saying this site helped me choose which unicycle to buy and gave me some super usefull tips for a super first actual day of unicycling.let start from the start i’m 37 i owned a unicycle when i was 11 and gave up right away less than a day maybe two at the most.2 weeks ago i decided time to get a unicycle,well after an exhausting local search craigslist panned out a 16" zephyr,in the mean time i had ordered udc’s last 19" red nimbus trials with the kh moment cranks.all the local bike shops had seemed cheap and were overpriced.picked that up on wed night spent about 40 mins rocking back and forth inside my tiny bachelor pad between a couple chairs even managed to get a couple peddle revs.sweat like no other and i’m a rockclimber and climb at the gym 4-5days a night got a call back on a 20" unsure of the name stickers are gone but its got a 20 by 2.5 tire on it looks real close to my nimbus,but it’s chrome.well unictcling seems like it will be more fun with friends so 100 bucks later uni number two couldn’t pick that one up till today at wed night i spent about a half hour rocking and managed to get out about 7 or 8 revs still felt pretty good about that.well i got up this morning picked up uni number two at noon was coming home to go ride it and guess what was there uni number 3 yeehaa.i put it together instantly and headed off to the local lacrosse box.i did a couple laps of the box while hanging onto the edge.after that i just thought i would try and see what happened while low and behold my first few atempts were short little trips 5-10 feet at most and then something i read on here rang out lean a bit forward well that was it my next serious go resulted in a 20 foot run at least no joke.i ran back to the line before center ice or rink/box you get it the next atempt took me even farther to the top off the face off circle the next ones took me behind the net by the end of my first 2 hour session i had made it from that same starting point down around one net all the way back down the lenght of the box around the second net and fell about 20 feet from making the full lap of the rink i flipped out !!! i can’t believe how much fun this is.on my way back to where i parked the lot was empty except my car i opened up the hatch thought i would give it one more go i started on a pole right by my car first shot i hit the sweet spot and pedalled 14 parking stall widthways and fell off with glee.i had nothing to start on once i fell so i thought what the hay put my right foot low stepped back a little found my left pedal made two complete pedals and fell off out of sheer excitement i think.can’t wait for tomorrow.this post is my first i know it’s long but none of my friend uni yet and they just don’t get thanks for lettin me vent this is great.i am hooked.peace

way to go

Hey Joe sounds like your off to a great start on your unicycle adventure. Soon you will be riding everywhere.

thanks so much fun i’m gonna head out for another couple hours and see if yesterday was a fluke or if i might actually be able to ride one of these things.haha.thanks to everyone who posts tips on here most for round two see ya!!

indeed unicycling is great fun, good to hear another is hooked.

i just got back from another couple hours riding.on my first shot up tonight i travelled 14 parking stalls down made a nice big left hand turn and rode 14 stalls right back to where i started.i’m stoked almost every run tonight aside a few missed starts resulted in at least 7 or 8 parking stalls in distance and i figured out how to turn both directions.can’t wait for tomorrow.

Sounds like another addict! is there a cure for the unicycle addiction :wink:

Certainly is, its called Unicycle’ing. An ancient sport of riding on one wheel very difficult but once mastered UBER. This is the only cure :stuck_out_tongue: