My UNICON Album!


I made an album on picasa with some of my pics. I didn’t used my SLR camera, just a Compact, so some pics aren’t that great.

I will add some other pics later… I hope you enjoy!

Here’s the link:

I’m finishing my UNICON video! I will post it very soon!


EDIT: If you want higher resolution pics mail me or add on MSN ;D

Cool shots, its a shame your mom wouldn’t let you bring the slr. The Ti hub looks sweet!

Thanks… Yeah the Ti is the best hub ever… And so light!!! Lars said that will cost about 400 euros… But it worth the price!

Some really sick pictures pedro!

Nice pictures Pedro!!! Looking at Unicon pictures always brings back good memories…. Can’t wait to see your Unicon video!

Muito boas fotos!!!:slight_smile:

It’s taking for ever to load !

Nice pics. But where’s the pic of the landing from way up off those pallets??

My camera is to slow… He landed one time I think… But he said that the tire is to bounce and the ground is to hard… The between before both is the best…

A guy from denmark landed too!

Nice Pic’s :slight_smile:

Nice Pic’s :slight_smile:

quality cheers for putting them up pedro, looking forward to the video x

Hey Pedro, great stuff! :slight_smile: There aren’t enough pictures for me to go back and look at all of them and wish Unicon were still happening…

BTW, this one is awesome!

Great pictures, looking forward to the video!

yes, joe did land form 29 pallets up

About how high, in feet, was that??? and was it landed onto a single pallet, or to flat concrete?

at a tad less than 6" thick each it was 14’-15’ off the ground. I think they were doing it to the pallet on the large tyre that can be seen in the photos. I wasn’t there at the time but spoke to Joe about it at length afterwards.

Thank goodness for that! 15’ to flat concrete is just stupid…and dangerous as hell! :astonished:

yes Joe isn’t bothered by such things, you should see his legs.

Awesome pics. I was riding back in 79 and just got back into it a couple of years ago. I can’t believe the stuff people are doing on unis these days. Amazing.