my uni2

nd ere is my costom painted leg protectors dont u fink dey r gd

Buttys gay

there quite gud butty much better than ur other 1s

Nice paint job, but thats not exactly a uni.

awesome… but it really hard to read how you type…


I take it you gave up learning english to unicycle?

Wouldnt be a hard choice for me…

i agree der

kk i will try and stop typing like that. is dat n e betta lol

Nice leg armour, thick spraypaint with a stencil I assume.

However, it would be nice if you could actually spell words somewhat correctly, instead of intentionally abbreviating everything, it’s quite a pain to read it.

This is how the quoted post would read if it was typed correctly:
Ok, I will try and stop typing like that. Is that any better?

yer sorry im just very lazy

You just don’t get it do you?

HW do u lik it en eeh tip lik u?