my uni vid

yes, here it is again. i know its excessively long, and i sucked when i made it, but, to add to the infant forum, here it is.

couldnt get it to work… oh well

That’s what she said!

But yeah, I couldn’t get it to work either.

you have to hit the “Download Movie” button, if you didnt do that.

Well you said it was old, so I apologize if this means nothing to you…

but you’ve got that unispin and the short wheel walk down pretty smooth, and you spend soo long on that little trials course. I wanted to see some more of the flatland, and a lot more of the faceplants!

also, you seem to like hoppin around sif… and I know you said it’s old, idk if you’ve fixed it …but since you don’t really tuck, try doing your jumps seat in so you’ve got a little more control on the saddle, and probably land it more often. But then again, sif is a good habit to get into.

yeah, i had one day where i just put the camera in front of the course and rode. i just couldnt seem to edit that part down. since that vid (4 1/2 mos) i can jump over 18" sif

you can hop…