My Uni Vid Is Finally Done ( 1st One )

hey everyone,

i finally got my uni vid onto the internet. feel free to check it out !

its in the gallery under Unibrow. ( needs windows media and DivX to play)


I’m really lazy. Could you make a link?

Justin’s Gallery


I like the fact that you included the spills. I also loved the jump into the sand.


Awsome moive Justin! I enjoyed it mainly because you added so much rail riding which I love doing.


i cant see the Film I only heard the Music :frowning:



Someone should sponsor this guy & give him the trials uni of his choice…


hah thx everyone

actually i am sponsored and am goin to be getting an onza soon :smiley:

keep the complimants coming !:smiley:

hey lutz

u need windows media and DivX to play my vid for free download

i must say, that is a really awesome video. great riding.

if only roach made butt-pads, but you use your leg armor well.

well done.

ps, just once i’d like to see a unicycle compilation set to tchaikovsky’s nutcracker suite.