My uni parade (PICTURES)

Here are some pictures from a parade I just did today. I rode my giraffe half of the way and my freestyle for the rest. I felt so famous; the club had a special “advanced tricks” (even though they aren’t that great, but a lot better that what the club can do) segment just for me! W00T! So yea, here are the pix:


My cool ribbon:

How often do you Americans have parades, and for what sort of events? I find it fascinating…they just don’t exist over here.


All the time. Most ‘Days’ have them… Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, etc. We have one for Halloween, the towns have one for centennials/bicentennials and such… they’re pretty popular. The high school bands march in them, as well as Boy/Girl Scouts, local Moose/Elk lodges, veterans.

Does the general public (those not directly involved in the entertainment side of things) enjoy it? I guess they’d have to for there to be so many of them.

in my opinion, parades are just for showing off the great people that live in a town.

Check this out…I think the public enjoys it.
Wonders Unicycle Club 4th of July Parade

Watch to the end. We had some Civil War re-enactors following us and we decided it would be fun to react when the shot their guns.

We Americans have a twisted streak…parades are perfect venues for this.