my uni in progress

next step, kh 07 moment cranks+hubs. any suggestions?

get a whole new uni?

putting 07 hub and cranks on that is pointless, the rest of the uni will crumble around it.

its like getting a formula one engine in a toyota corrola, sure the engines great but it got crap all around it that will render it useless.

unless this thread is a joke. is it confused


i’m just using my spare/crappy frame right now. my cromo crown frame is in need of repair. the frame used at the moment is from my first uni.

I’d have to agree with iridemymuni about buying a new uni instead of changing certain parts. I think it would be a waste of time and $$$ trying 2 put kh 07 moment cranks+hubs on a uni like that. It would render the uni you have now pointless beyond question. I’m also wondering why you want to change the way your unicycle is and make it look like a KH 07 or something close to it. Apart from that, have fun.

Would a KH movment hub qork on this uni?

I think this may help
But if you can’t afford the actual KH 07 unicycle

Onza and QU-AXs are preety good 2.

Hoped this helped

it would work, but why buy a uni and then change the hub (labor, respoking wheel, etc). you might want to just go custom all the way. or if you have the cash, get a kh or similar splined uni.

Yeah, but that rim looks like crap. You’d do a drop the cranks and hub could easily handle and just like taco that rim instantly. If you can’t afford a new kh alltoghether…just go for a dx or qu ax.