my uni has wanderlust

… and so do i.
Moab is my motive to grab my unicycle, put it and myself into an airplane and have a look at the states overseas. Once I am there I want to cruise through the country. Therefore I am planning to stay for about 3 months in the US and Canada to see the country and perhaps meet some of you who have time and want to ride together.

On 3rd of March I will arrive in San Francisco. I am planning to take part in the Humboldt Juggling Festival in Arcarta (March 9th -11th) and see a bit of the Californian westcoast. Of course I will be in Moab (March 23rd-25th)
My further rough plans for the following crazy uni roadtrip are to see:
California, Nevada and Utah in March
Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Idaho in April
Montana, Washington and British Columbia in May

As you see my tour does not contain to many details at the moment. So I would be happy to get some hints, what an Austrian unicyclist should not miss in the US. I am looking for street, muni, trial spots, places to meet crazy or lazy unicyclists, fantastic tourist attractions and cheap places to stay for one or two nights with my uni.

Has anyone tried to transport of a unicycle by greyhound busses? What is your experience with that? According to the website, bicycles must be packed in wood, canvas or other substantial container. Does that affect unicycles as well?

I am grateful for all (insider) tips and look forward to meet hopefully a lot of unicyclists.


if you come to corpus christi I would be more than willing to ride with you. i know a few other people who would as well.

Hey I live in Montana, If you come through the Missoula/Helena/Butte area I could easily meet you somewere. If you need any info about Montana or anything let me know.

Sorry, I can’t help you with packing a uni on a bus (i’ve never ridden one myself) But I bet you can take it apart and pack it into a suitcase…?

Looks like I’ll see you in Moab aswell!

Well, if you come near Reno, Nevada and wanna ride with some complete Noobs, look me up. :slight_smile:


Excellent! We’re currently planning a large group MUni ride in a great park not far from San Francisco on March 4th. (Rockville Hills Park). And of course, you should come to Berkeley on March 6th for unicycle basketball.

Wow, wow. On your way out you should stop by in the nation’s capitol! Washington DC. I live right outside it, and if you have time/want to/can afford to stop for a night on your way out I’m sure you would enjoy it and I would love to meet up with you.

gotta unicycle in banff/jasper national parks (canada) beautiful mountains, turqoise water, in the summer it is great. Snowboarding in the winter is amazing.

colorado and whyoming will rock for muni and maybe some trials

greyhound is fine for bringing unicycles on my sister and i brought on unicycles on it once and we just took the seats off and put them in garbage bags good look with your trip sounds like lots of muniing

I have brought my unicycle with me a couple times in greyhound, I just tossed it in a dufflebag right before they asked for my luggage, they didn’t care.

thanks for your hint about the garbage bags.
did someone made bad expiriance wih it?

That realy sounds perfect.

banff sounds great to me… but im sure its still very big, do you know some special routs that are great for unicycling?
It can be real hard and difficuld rides that would be fun :slight_smile:

@scrob, maximus
i worry about Texas and WashingtonDC will be very far away from my trip. I mainly will stay near rocky mountains.

Hey David,

I’m sure you’ll be in touch with Kris when you’re in BC but if he’s busy or out of town you can also drop me a line (pm me) or reach some local riders via Hopefully you can make a group ride (we normally ride on Sundays) as it would be fantastic to meet you.


  • James