My Uni has been stolen in the koxx days 2008


during the flat competition someone stoled my uni…!

why stealing a freestyle uni?

it was a nimbus frame with luxus wheel… gel nimbus saddle…!

if someone see that uni on ebay, please send me a pm!


I’ll keep an eye out for it but I doubt it will be found in the US.

Woow! That Sucks man :angry: … You searched in the organization of the event? :thinking:

I will see in Ebay… But post in FFM forums… Probably the can help you more than us! :wink:

Good Luck… And im pretty sure that you will find it! :wink:


EDIT: The worse for me: I was waiting Koxx Days News… And that’s the first thing that i saw! I hope that things like that do not happen in UNICON!

What are the FFM forums?

Oh right, cheers for getting back to me so quickly Emile!
Do you live in France or another french speaking country?

Ah, I see. I was well aware of the French speaking side of Canada. I was pretty sure that you were from Canada, but didn’t want to offend you in case you weren’t!
I loved this bit of you comment/ / /