my uni got jacked!!(i got it back)

I just had an extremely close call, I was in my bed sleeping this morning when my mom came in and said the neighbors had just called and they saw a unicycle laying on the side of the street a couple blocks away so they picked it up and hid it behind some bushes in case it was mine.
I drove like a madman to where they said it was and luckily it was there…

Im almost positive it was just some dumb kids who have seen me out riding and saw me go home sometime so they came and got it.
They passed up my cannondale road bike that i just put all sram components on…and my surly with the endomorph tires…annnd my brothers new specialized s works stump jumper…
thank god they didnt touch my bikes…

we arent sure how whoever did it got in the garage because everything was still locked out there this morning…

Just reading this got me really nervous and I went to my garage to check if everything was still there. Those kids that took it are a bunch of jerks. You have some pretty smart neighbors for doing that for you!

damn that sucks dude, i’m so glad i live in such a quiet neighborhood.

Lucky! Mine was jacked a couple months ago and it’s still gone…:frowning:

this just makes me glad that when I’m riding home I go in the driveways of my neighbors and then cut throught their yards into mine (I’ve always been slighlty paranoid about my uni) that way, people who just want to be jerks go into those yards and not mine to try to find my uni.

that’s why i keep all my uni’s in my basement. it’s a little bothersome sometimes, but it’s worth it.


I keep mine in my room.

I’m not allowed to keep mine in my room (plus my room is only twice the size of an average office cubicle) because “my uni would track in dirt” or because “there isn’t enough room in the house”(my house is about 800 sq. ft.)

i keep mine in my room also, along with my bicycles. but in my town,when people want things they break in and take them, so for my 18 birthday, i bought my first rifle. 12 guage mossberg pump action pistol grip swat black! come and get it bitches!

Keep mine in the trunk of my car

I can’t take my shoes or uni inside the house. but I just keep my uni in the garage. It is always locked and the doors are always closed because our dogs live in the garage.

Yeah, I keep mine inside, at least one in my room with me. Someone tried to break into my appt. (ground floor, window is blocked by bush), so I keep a knife beside my bed now. I’d have a gun too, but I live on my college’s campus and no firearms are allowed.

Yeah, I have an aluminum baseball bat behind my front door.

I also have a bunch of tools in my room, one of them being a hammer.

i also have a hammer in my room, with an assortment of small knives. I dont think they would be to happy if they broke into my room.

yea, i have to keep it in my garage cause my parents dont allow it in the house. usually it stays in my car but it was really muddy and i hadnt had a chance to clean it off… my expensive bikes i keep locked to the bike rack in our garage…i guess i will have to start locking everything down in there…

Well now that i have a pet scorpion and my friends elephant gun. This should be fun.

Are you sure the unicycle was in the garage?
It is odd that they would bother to lock the garage door when they left with the unicycle. You’d think they’d want to leave the door unlocked in case they wanted to come back later for the bikes.

It also doesn’t hurt to lock up the bikes when they’re in the garage. I know some people who have gone as far as to put eye bolts in the concrete floor so they can lock the bikes to something solid. Especially if you have a $2000+ bike. Bikes get stolen out of garages. I see a couple postings a year on the local MTB mailing list asking people to keep an eye out for a bike that was stolen from their garage.

Yeah, you guys would do something like that–keep a uni in your room. I’ve been trying to talk my parents into letting me hang my beginner’s uni over my bed…

I might just put a giraffe on the fireplace mantel.

You can’t blame the kids for trying to steal. They just want the be cool…like us.

Well my coker and giraffe are hanging on the right hand side of my bedroom wall and my torkers on the left hand side of my bedroom wall. If that makes sense.

You’re obviously not in earthquake territory. You don’t want to be hanging something above your bed if you’re in an area that is prone to earthquakes. I don’t have anything near the bed that might fall on me if there was an earthquake.

I’m in an apartment with no garage or outside storage so I keep my MTB and all my unicycles inside. I have two bike storage racks similar to this. One holds my MTB and Coker. The other holds four unicycles.