My uni event gets into 900,000 copies of the La Times

I am organizing the first ever Los Angeles Unicycle Roundup. I got a nice surprise today when someone called me and said that the LA times was running a piece on MUni, today.

The sweet surprise was that within the article it announces my roundup of unicyclists with location and time. Circulation for the LA times is a little over 900,000. :astonished:

The story is really just a generic MUni piece with a John Foss photo from CMW 2005. I think it’s a pic of Jester 2000, sorry can’t remember his name. The online version doesn’t have the pic, though. Here is the link

The funny part is that my event is for ALL unicyclists, not just, as the story mentions, for Mountain Unicyclists. Ironically, the concept of the roundup was driven, first to find other MUni riders and, second, to start to build a unicycle community in LA. I guess, I lucked out with the missinformation.

Now I wonder if the story will dredge up any MUni riders out of the woodwork, here in LA.

we’ll see ya there!

Great press!
I got my Coker wheel trued today for the the weekend’s ride but maybe I need to slow down for some press shot come saturday. :smiley:

See ya there Rod!

Rod, it seems your influence reaches far beyond the classroom. Congratulations! Please let us know how it turns out.

Here is the article for anyone who hasn’t registered with the L.A. Times.

Way to go, Rod! I hope you have a great roundup. Be sure the branding iron is good and hot.


I can’t remember if I mentioned your get-together to the author, or if she went and found it herself. Usually such articles have a hook, such as a local rider or an upcoming event. It would have seemed strange without one, so I’m glad yours was there to offer readers something locally before October!

(quoting article) “…bouncing as if on a Hoppity-Hop”

Is a Hoppity-Hop one of those bulby toys little kids bounce around on? Interesting relating unicycling to a hoppity-hop!

That is cool that I was in the photo! Was it this one?



Jess has chosen wisely. If I’m lucky, I will get a copy of the article in the mail with the photo included. I should have tried to pick one up on a newsstand yesterday. It didn’t occur to me that the LA Times is big enough to be on newsstands here!

I liked the Hoppity Hop analogy. All you have to do is see one rider hopping with both hands on the front of the seat and that does it.

Actually, I had submitted it to as an event for the event section that comes out once a week in the paper. Last Thursday, I get this email from a copy editor asking to confirm the location and time of the event because they wanted to include it in a story on MUni. I am like, “Yeah, sure”. I guess somebody talked to someone else and decided to add the announcement.

I thought the story would have a local slant and made a point of mentioning my own local MUni website in an email response and asked if they had made contact with any local riders. I tried…

Yes, Jess, that’s the photo. I only have two copies of the article. One neighbor gave me one, sort of torn, and I have one inside the complete section.

I can send you the complete section, since it’s got your image in the photo. The torn one, I can send to John, if he doesn’t get someone else to send him one. I will hunt around here to see if someone else, I know, still has the paper sitting around.

Yeah, Scott, I decided to use Gilby’s sprinting uni symbol for the branding iron.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have to go out there, exactly where is it…My mom sid she might drive me out there but doesnt know what shel do all day…so if i were to go where the blazes exactly is it??