My Ultimate Wheel Video

Check it out. I used to perform a unicycle act and this was the second part of it.

Wow, that was really good.

Do you have any other videos?

Wow I had no Idea some of the stuff you did was possible on an UW.


Yeah… that can go on top of my respect list, next to the guy I seen at a skate park doing backflips on a BMX.

I saw this on youtube before you posted it and I thought it was awesome.

The funny thing is, I’ve actually competed in the National Unicycling Competition in '99. Fun times. Thanks for the comments I appreciate them!


I saw a performance of several german guys on UW’s and one of them did the hop to a second UW while doing circles.

Doing a UW to UW jump in a circle is only slightly harder than doing it in a line like a did. It just looks more dramatic for the stage and the audience likes it better.

One trick that I worked on and completed a few times, but never mastered was a 180 hop. I would ride on the UW in a line then do a 180 jump off the wheel and land back on and continue going backwards. It’s quite tricky and I’m at about 10% land ratio. I haven’t ridden it in almost a year, I should practice some more.

I’ve seen somewhere people do 180 hops in two different ways.

The first was similar to what I think how you are describing was riding along stop, jump and spin 180 dergees, w/ the UW staying still, then landing. I can’t remember which way he road afterwards. Seems more like a varial to me.

The other, she (I think), stoped grabed the wheel and hoped a 180 w/ the UW.

have you ever been on tv i swear ive seen you somewhere before and i doubt youve been to AK

I’ve never been on TV but I have performed at quite a few places. I have performed at Medora ND, Branson MO, Las Vegas NV, and on a lot of cruise ships. I was also at the 1999 and 2002 National Unicycling Championships at Washington. Could be one of those :slight_smile:

It is a shame…

As a fairly new unicyclist, I can clearly remember the days before I tried…I would bet that most of the people in the audiences on cruise ships etc. (those people that have never attempted a unicycle or UW) have no idea the level of difficulty for the moves you were pulling off.

That is some impressive riding…it is just a shame that many people who think it looks neat (in a general admission audience) have no idea how neat it really is.