My TV debut

Just today a video that my friend made of me was featured on a tv show called right tho minute. Here is the link to my segment and the link to watch the whole episode. Whole episode Segment


Cool segment! Congratulations. Hope this is the first of many more.

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Hopefully your vid will inspire those curious about unicycling to finally take the plunge and start.

Did you manage to get all the way down without hammering your… :wink: all the way down?? :smiley:

Cool vid!

That’s great, congrats! (You don’t often see people riding muni/downhill on a 20" trials. Is that your main riding wheel?)

Well done!

I ride muni on my 29 but the point of that session was to ride and film some tricks on the helipad. The riding down was more of a bonus that turned out pretty good.

Cool, that was -without any doubt- very positive!

Great skills muni 123 and shows what a good all rounder the trials uni can be. :):slight_smile:

Congrats, and amazing views up there :slight_smile: