My Triton has a wheel!!!

Kinda :stuck_out_tongue:

A disc 19" looks pretty sweet but the 165mm night have a pedal strike issue :wink:

I was going to make a twin disc kh29 out of my parts for fun as well but my kids need some attention (the non wheeled fleshy ones :roll_eyes: :p)

Seriously these missing spokes and tyre are causing me mental anguish now and driving me to do silly things

Pedal strike, ha. Did you ride it anyway?

I wanted to but the mad4one ISIS axle is a bit wider than most so sits the cranks almost 2 mm further out so the caliper is not in the correct place without more washers so I wasn’t going that far :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to rough lace my 36 wheel with the spokes i have to get an idea of size (I really am that bored)

I am also tempted by sticking the cranks and brake on my KH29 with its oracle set up to have dual brakes :p, get a line splitter and have them both off one lever (should be ok pushing half the fluid in exchange for twice the friction area as you never pull the brake fully on anyway) :stuck_out_tongue:

That thing looks awsome!

That’s an odd combination of really nice parts, I bet your dying for the real wheel.

Just messing about and easier to store with a wheel on :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to get it muddy on a big frikken wheel. The trails are muddy and flooded with the recent extreme rain so the massive ground clearance will be nice :smiley:

Thats a great looking uni even with the small wheel.

that triton with the little wheel is so sexy!

Very cool! :sunglasses:

I came here expecting you to have a new 36er, oh well.

You are nowhere near as frustrated as me :stuck_out_tongue:

The moment I get the parts she will be up and running :slight_smile:

That’s a cool Uni

I was just thinking the same thing the other day. With Disc brakes, you should be able to interchange most wheels. I have three Triton frames, but for travelling it’s nice to just bring one frame and several different wheelsets.

Feisty, looks like you’re ready to bolt that 3 speed hub on top.
Just trying to help you spend more of your extra money:D:D

lol a Schlumpf would make for a 30" uni, would feel bazaar to ride I am sure.

I think there’s a few people who have done it:)

enough clearence?:stuck_out_tongue: