My trip to Utah

Hey guys, a while back I got some footage of my trip to Utah but never but it together, anyways, here it is. Short + Sweet.


something weird happened when I uploaded it to youtube, the quality looked like I bought the camera at McDonalds, oh well. Youtube’s dumb anyway

15’th movie you put on the forum… :thinking: :o

not bad, but we’ve seen the same kinda thing in your last 10 vid at least sorry

Nice but the thread title lead me to expect some Moab stuff or MUni.


I liked it. The ending was…interesting. I was expecting a worse bail than that, but you jumped off just in time.

You don’t buy cameras at McDonalds, they give them to you in happy meals… Sheesh.


The vid was tight, but we keep seeing the same stuff from you. Wait a bit and learn some new tricks. But if you’ve got editing fever, then we can’t stop you. I get that from time to time.