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I arrived in Atlanta on a Tuesday evening and by Wednesday morning had already eagerly made a trek over to Marietta and I wanted to buy either a Summit or KH trials unicycle because I was starting to “outgrow” (read “break”) the 20" Stealth Torker I own. John pretended to be busy while Jordan and Russell did all the work. I think he just plays and watches “UniVerse” all day long to tell the truth. He did give me, my brother, and my nephew a nice tour and showed us all of his latest toys. Jordan started assembling a KH and was half way done when I told him I thought we had agreed on the Summit. He said sure, he could change it, and pulled out a Summit frame and wheel set. The KH frame was much more attractive and, in fact, way too attractive to pass up and the black spokes on the KH wheel set sealed the deal; I had to have it. And this is unicycle number ten for me, my first decade.

I took it to Oakridge, TN to visit a friend who took me to a trials playground there where the KH hands down outperformed the Torker. I rode brick walls four feet off the ground on both sides, turned the 90 degree turns, and dropped at the ends. On Thursday I was back in Atlanta with my nephew at a park near where my brother lives. There, also, it was remarkable what the right equipment will let you do. I’ve already scratched up the left crank doing grabs on concrete. I also climbed a picnic table from the ground up and rode several sloping concrete walls. This thing can take enough abuse that I’m going to have to learn to do drops seat out. I did bop my ankle once on the protruding crank which is a complaint that many have voiced over this unicycle. I bopped it while doing demo stuff in thongs (footwear, not swimsuits) and dress pants for friends and relatives so I’m not so sure it counts. I view it as a jumping around toy more than a riding toy, anyway.

Sunday morning John had planned a MUni ride. He faked sick, showed up late, and let Casey do his riding for him. Russell and Robbie were there as was Corey, a friend of Casey’s. I thought I was in a 1980’s teen movie. Chad chickened out claiming that his 24" Torker UniStar had recently been run over by a locomotive and the rim was bent. It looked straight enough to me but my eyes aren’t that sharp anymore. Instead, Chad followed or lead on a bicycle and videoed my frequent falls and failures and the successes of the real riders.

John loaned me his Wilder with a 3" Gazz, ThudBuster shock and Black Widow cranks. The Wilder was very lightweight and pleasant to ride but I would wager from experience that the SH is a bit lighter similarly equipped. The ThudBuster performed noticeably when I was paying attention to it which I was able to do during the five or six mile ride. John accidentally had the seatpost adjusted about 4" too low so I corrected that for him. It may be a surprise the next time he rides. He’ll have to learn to coast in an abrupt manner. The only thing I didn’t like about his rig was the cheap, plastic, molded pin pedals that John Childs has scolded me for owning on numerous occassions in the past when I still used them. They do seem to be more slippy than grippy. You would think that the biggest distributor in North America would adorn the elegant and high-tech Wilder frame with some decent pedals but the guy is paying for a new “this is my midlife crisis” Jeep so I had to give him some latitude.

As I remembered from last summer at UNICON, Casey was an outstanding rider. I couldn’t verify that this time. We saw Casey and Corey’s backs briefly and then 15 minutes later the rest of would see them sitting down on the trail waiting for us. Apparently Casey’s Wilder is much, much lighter than John’s and the tire is much springier because he can ride it faster than me and jump it about three times higher than me and he lasts longer, too. Somehow, Corey, the other guy one third my age was able to keep up with him, though. Corey also lost it in the drink at the end of the ride. I had done that before, myself, in Mississippi with the lower delta boys so I felt his pain briefly. Then I laughed and berated him with the others which is, of course, the way of the “male bonding” myth. Corey was tactful enough to leave the unicycle dry, on the bridge, when he fell into the creek. I was not so courteous to Chris (rhysling) LeFay’s unicycle. Corey’s example also prevented me from attempting the same move which was originally my intent. Fortunately he was ahead of me that time.

Later that evening I went to dinner with those Drummonds who were still in town and a spare kid they borrowed from some unsuspecting mother to make sure they had superior forces wherever they chose to go. Amy showed me a very clearly altered “document” suggesting that I had numerous back payments due to and was dangerously in arrears. Particularly suspect was the special “Liberace” edition KH MUni with gem studded sterling silver frame and matching candelabrum priced at a disturbing $17,492.89 that I don’t remember ordering. Then, they took me to their house and sicced Casey on me with a ping-pong game in which I was doomed from the onset. A vicious group, that.

If you are in the Atlanta area try to drop in at and see the storefront and warehouse and all of the truly wonderful folks that work there. They are indeed a fine bunch. But, then, they’re unicyclists…what do you expect?

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Actually it was my Jeep. And that wasn’t really what kept me from riding with you guys. I figured I would be walking more than riding, and I wanted to see what truly talented Municyclists could do. I was really impressed with everyones skills, and had a great time. In my defense, I did bring it and even rode it in the parking lot.

It is a good thing you had the thudbuster. When you came off that log from 4 feet up, you coud have been singing Soprano for life!

Sorry I went ahead and missed that. I can always use a good laugh. Especially when it’s a young gun who can ride circles around me.

Did you buy that as an accessory to your one piece bathing suit?

PS I told you that you would be back. It is like a disease. :smiley:

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mi mi mi mi … I still feel that landing. Did you erase the tape as I asked?

Congratulations on your purchase Greg! Have you got any photos for us?


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If you only knew. I had 13 minutes of tape. When I was taping you coming off the log, I had turned it off. When I stuck the camera back in the bag or was carrying it in my had while riding I took about 6-7 minutes of tape. Even caught my UPD when my pedal hit the tree live! I got all of the first stop fine part of the second, and the third were the logs were built up over the trail. I wish I knew how to post video, I would put it up for all to see. But sadly I missed your glorious ride of that second log. Just as I thought I was turning it off I taped the ground, the trees at 10 miles an hour upside down. Really poor taping. If I get the chance to do it again, I will be a little more attentive. :smiley:

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You’re in good company, Mr. Bug- Lewis got some stuning shots of the ground instead of the glory of myself suiciding on top of a 4.5’ high trials box. Just make sure when shooting the ground to talk loudly about the cool thing you are actualy watching. :wink:


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Yea, I forgot to mention all the comments that were recorded while the camera was running and I thought it was off. Check my sig for one of them.

Damn and Blast!

…and here, my little Floridian behind was in Tennessee on vacation over this past week, in the Knoxville area, and I had no idea our beloved Harper was making his cross-country trek.

Boy am I either furious at the lack of advance notice; or alternately, horribly griefstricken at my lack of vigilance for possible Harper-Proximities :frowning:

kicking kicking kicking himself,
John M

Hey Harper,

Where in Oakridge is the trials playground?

Pssssst!- hey, Mr. M: rumor has it you can be kicked by THE MAN HIMSELF- make your way to Minni-St. Paul this July.



We went to an elementary school a few blocks from my friends’ home. It happened to have all of the features I wanted to test myself and the KH on. There was a brick wall with a 12" wide flat top and 3 to 4 foot drops on both sides. It had tight 90 degree turns in it. There was a telephone pole prone in the playground. Various staircases around the school could be ridden down and hopped up. There were a couple of crank grab surfaces of varying heights (walls, benches, and the like).

I could find out the name of the school if you like but it is similar to any park or school playground and the features were not intentionally added for skaters or cyclers.

I passed through Memphis on the way home. I looked out of the airport window but it was raining and I couldn’t see you. I took off from the land of the delta blues in the middle of the pouring rain. That doesn’t require quotes because it wasn’t raining when I landed.

Thansk for the info. I often go to Knoxville and east Tennessee and I thought that I could easily play at your newly discovered playground.

Pedal grabs? You da man!

I remember seeing a plane leaving in the rain. That must have been you!


Greg must be holding out on me, then: I’ve only seen him turn into a firetruck, and, once, he transformed into a pilsner of dry-cleaning fluid in order to settle a debate over the number of nuetrinos in John’s ‘lunch’.


I thought it was a very lovely story… and you tell it so well… such enthusiasm!