My trip to twin cities

I’d like to say it was great to see everyone at NAUCC but unfortunately I wasn’t there. Well, I WAS there I just missed NAUCC.

Let me explain.

Originally I had planned on driving with my wife and three kids to participate in NAUCC. Becuase of requirements of my new job it turned out to be an unrealistic plan. Both financial and time constraints prevented our planned trip.

About three weeks ago the service account manager where I work approached me and asked if I was willing to travel to one of our larger customer sites. I agreed.

It turns out that this customer is in the midwest. As coincidence would have it the trip took me into the Twin Cities at the same time as NAUCC.

Unfortunately for me, I’m a big chicken. I could have rearranged my travel to be there in time to participate in at least some of the NAUCC activities but because I had not registered and I had some concerns about taking my unicycles on the plane I did not.

So, I ended up arriving at the Twin Cities airport Sunday Evening and flew on to Central Wisconson the same night. As I boarded my return flight home from the Twin Cities airport I suspected that there were people there that were also returning home from NAUCC. I’d bet they had more fun than I did.

Looking at the posts about how much fun was had by those who were there I am filled with regret. Oh, well I plan to go to Japan next year.

So close… yet so far.

I wish you could have stopped by. It’s always fun to put a face to the name. Sunday was the day of the 10K and the muni XC race and the muni downhill and uphill races. That was a very fun day. Monday was the start of the track events.

Even if you didn’t stop by, a big congratulations is in order for passing 20,000 points in Folding@Home for team CPUniCycles. Thank goodness you didn’t turn off your computers when you went on your business trip. :smiley: