my trials/street video... let me know what you think....

me riding… and some of my friends bails… ive been riding uni for 2 years and have been serious about trials and street for 5 days…

Cool vid dude. Some tips for next time you make a video. Try not to repeat an entire song. Keep the length down to around 4 minutes, people’s attention spans nowadays are really low, unless your like pro. You can do this by doing tighter cuts on your clips, especially with a fast song by system of down.
Keep up the good work, and keep putting out videos.

thanks for the tips i hope to shoot some more footage next week. hopefully go and attack the mall and such.

any more help would be great.

dude! what is this song?!?! it’s AMAZAZING! yeah, AMAZAZING!

Nice uni. :slight_smile:

Radio/Video by System of a Down.

Nice progression for only riding seriously for a little while :slight_smile:

For future videos, as said above, just keep the vids to ~3 min or so.

I love my uni but i think Im going to be buying a koxx one soon. thanks for the comments and yea as said before the song is radio video by system of a down.