My trials setup


I just thought I’d post some pictures of the trials park I put together since I don’t have anyone here to share my euphoria with. I’m still not particularly good at trials so I set the bar pretty low, i.e. no huge hops are required. But I still have some rather high precision stuff to play with. The design of rails, gapping bars and hopping posts was inspired by instructions posted by Andrew Carter, Peter van Boekhout and Bevan. Thank you!

The address would be

I’m lucky to have a wood industry as my closest neighbour. They have offered me more scrap wood and pallets than I could possibly make use of! They don’t have any plywood for sandwich boards though, I’ll have to find another source for that, hm.

My unis have been on leave for two weeks at my parents’ house because of injuries and an addiction going too far. I found it impossible not to ride when I had them sitting here right beside me… The compulsion to ride seems to have settled to a more modest level now, and I can relax my mind with other activities that I’ve been neglecting since the end of June, such as drawing, juggling and studying. It feels great. I’ve also got better sleep.

Anyway, I can’t wait till I get back to riding my obstacles! :stuck_out_tongue:


lucky *****

That looks great and yeah, I bet it’s fun! Drops aren’t everything, IMHO, I really like trials for the accuracy and precision standpoints.

I might show my lack of awareness in trials, here, but turning the pallet upside down is something I hadn’t seen before. I will give that a try next time.

Wow! That course rocks! That’s exactly the kind if stuff I’d do with it if I had the space and materials. My idea is to have a small area for isolating and practicing individual skills, and then a ton of cool trials lines such as what you have. I like the gapping bar sequence. Also, those 4x4 posts are nice! I wonder who designed them :roll_eyes: . Seriously, though, those look great. I also like how your course is so adaptable, so that you can move stuff around and make it harder and more interesting as you level increases. Have you thought about trying to do gaps to a pallette from the end of that 2x4 balance beam? The only other thing I’d add is a low to the ground 1 or 2" round rail for practicing rail rides, as round rails feel different and are harder to ride (let alone gap to and from) than 2x4s.

That looks great and have fun with it!

P.S. There’s nothing wrong with a course that lacks huge moves. From what I hear TOque last year didn’t have any hops grweater than 2’ in height involved. Also, with a course like that you’ll inevitably get a decent hopping height within a reasonable amount of time if you practice it a bit each ride.

That is the most awesome track i ever seen.

Det där är den fetaste trials banan jag någonsin sett.

If i only had the: space, material and skaills with the hammer to make that.

Om jag ändå hade haft: ytan, materialen och skickligheten med hammaren att bygga någo sådant.

/ Felix

Ps. Jag har faktiskt byggt en (1) gapping bar Ds.

De är jättekul!

Finns det nån webbsidor om mönster att bygga dem?

Jag ska resa till chalmers i Juli, kanske vi kan traffa och åka då.

in english (since my swedish is so bad the natives may not understand me)

Those are very cool!

Are there any websites with plans to build them?

I shall travel to chalmers in July, maybe we can meet and ride then.


I had actually read your comments in earlier threads regarding the importance of flexibility of a trials setup and I had that in mind when I built it since I didn’t really have any personal experience :slight_smile:


Yes there are instructions, look and Andrew’s and Pete’s site: Sure we can meet if you’re around. July next year? My address is