My Torker needs a new seat

I have a 24 inch Torker and a Torker Unistar. To tell the truth, the original seat on the 24 never used to bother me. But now that I have experienced the comfort (and lift handle) of the Miyata seat, I want one for my 24. I’m kinda new to unicycling hardware so I need your help. How hard and expensive would it be to install a Miyata seat on my 24? I tried to install the Unistar’s seat on the 24, but the seat post was too thick.

I live in Hawaii so shipping is killer. If possible, I want to get the parts locally. Unistars are on sale for $65 until the end of the month. Would it be better to get a Unistar just for the seat, or to buy a Miyata saddle off What additional hardware will I need, ie. seatpost?

Thanks for all your help and support and merry Christmas!


Just got my Miyata seat from to replace my Torker 24 seat. It comes with a new seatpost for $40+shipping so theres no compatability problems. Much more comfortable, the boys are happy.