My T7 handle isn't fitting on my coker.

Okay, I bought my coker a while ago.
The deluxe radial 36-inch coker.
Now I have the T7 touring handle, I was able to get the handle onto my seat but after that the seatpost doesn’t fit inside the handle thingy. I looked on UDC and the thing I’m trying to put the seatpost in looks just like a kris holm rail adapter.
Do I need to buy something extra for it to fit? or just a smaller seatpost, and if a smaller seatpost then what size do I need to buy?
Thanks to anyone that helps.

Can you take a picture of your setup and highlight the area or piece that is not fitting. I’m not quite sure what it is that is not fitting in what.

Is the seatpost you have not fitting correctly on the rails in the T7 handle?

Do you have a standard seatpost or a rail type (bike) seatpost? you need the rail type post.

It sounds like you’re trying to attach it to a standard four bolt seatpost; what seatpost do you have?

(same as above, I was a bit late posting)

Yeah, I was using the four bolt seatpost.
Thanks for all your help.
Now, I’m just wondering, will most local bike stores carry the rail type seatpost.
And, how do I fit the handle on the rail type seatpost?

most bikes use them

Bikes use them, so try a bike shop. If you’re on the stock coker frame, you’ll probably want a 22.2mm one. That size might not be so easy to get. I think bmxs use them.


Actually, I am on the radial frame, and the seatpost that came with it said 25.4 on it. Isn’t 25.4 the normal size for a bike?

Ah, yeah, 25.4 is a more normal size.


25.4 is still unusual for a bike although much more common than 22.2.