my T-shirt for NAUCC

I designed a T-shirt that I’ll be wearing at NAUCC on Tuesday next week - it’s not fancy - but I can make more of them there. They’re iron-ons; I’ve got some that are more than two years old that look OK. They actually look better after a few washings as the carrier stuff pretty much disappears. Check with the people that got FURECUS shirts. I figure about $5 for the iron-on, $2 for me to iron your shirt (or you can use my iron), and $10 + the $hirt if you make me buy it for you (which I’ll do no more than once a day). There’s a Target about 10 miles from Bowling Green and they have great T-shirts in assorted colors. If that Target runs out that are two more in Toledo, if they run out, ain’t much I can do, so you might want to bring your own shirt.

I know it’s late, but if you let me have an idea if any body wants them so I can buy more of the iron-ons, if necessary. Any profits (anything more than the price of the iron-ons (about $1.50) and shirts) will be donated to either NAUCC 2005 or USA (if NAUCC ends in the black).

Just in case the image doesn’t work link :astonished:

That’s pretty funny. Why would you go to Toledo if you don’t have family there is beyond me. I wouldn’t.:smiley:

My FURECUS shirt still looks pretty good.

Brian, I’d like to see a picture of a bunch of NAUCC attendees with their unis taken from your kite dangling camera. That combination would be priceless. A tribute to diverse cleverness. I’d definately iron that on.


Awesome! I will buy an Iron-on sheet.

see you at naucc

That sounds like a great idea - I’d planned on bringing the Kite Aerial Photography rig, although I don’t have the foggiest notion whether I‘ll be able to use it or not. :thinking:

I forgot to mention that I’ll have Corel Draw with me and so can personalize and/or modify or create your shirt :stuck_out_tongue: - although that will cost extra and not all of the extra will go to NAUCC 2005.

Also, lighter colored shirts are better.

There are other Avery products that will do photos on fabric, although I haven’t used them. :thinking: