my Summit sits in the corner

yep,thats what it does.

it sits there stagnate.i havent got on it in about a month.every time i do my ankle starts to roll and pretty soon im limping…damn skateboarding years! they messed me up…

Re: my Summit sits in the corner

r u building upthe courage to sell it?

Need Active Ankles?

I still limp after any trials or Muni hopping from my broken heel of last September.

You must find a way.

Tommy came home from minnesota with some super-dooper ankle brace/protectors.

I know he’d be happy to tell you about them


Another guy in our club uses laceup ankle braces from Walmart.

I wear lightweight hiking boots.

Don’t give up yet. Explore some options.

Good Luck. tom.

Or if you prefer to fabricate support from items on-hand, 'couple strategically cut cans of Pap’s Blue Ribbon and some duct tape will work wonders.


Re: my Summit sits in the corner

You should perhaps respond to the 100’s of Viagra spam that you receive daily.

a least my posts are not limping,eh? Harper

Mmmmwrrrowww! Pffft!



I’m guessing this won’t make a ton of difference, but are you riding with the arch of your foot on the pedals? Because my friend still insists on riding with the balls of his feet on them, and he can’t ride for long without hurting himself.

i ware laced up hi-tops.its just a bum ankle.

the compression of trials moves just makes it hurt more.i dont think there is anything i can do about it except stop dropping (or grow younger) ,but then why have a trials uni?

Good question Jagur. There’s no reason to have one, really. You should trade it or sell it. Now. Or at least before September 7th, which will leave me in the money on the RSU betting pool.

There have been some that claimed the Summit would have staying power in your garage… Such skeptics must be proven wrong, and quickly! :sunglasses:

so Tom,whats the over/under on how much i’ll get for it?

Speaking of which…
Has anyone ever used the Auction section of the website? If you did sell your Summit, how about doing it here? That would be a fun way of doing it, and I bet you’d probably get a good price for it, because everyone would know what you’re offering.
Just a thought…


ive used that auction thing before,i sold my Coker though there about 2 years ago.i sold some misc. uni-crap there too.So i know it works.not to many people ever use though and the past auctions get deleted after awile so it always looks abandoned.

i dont think im going to sell my Summit unless i could get exacly what i paid for it,i dont want to lose money on this one but i might need the cash soon because another issue all together.

its nice to have a total thrasher uni around.(even if it hurt my ankles and i can ride the next day because of smashed tendons)

it might make some difference
only if jagur’s ankle problem is connected with over-rotation of the ankle
if this was the case, it would be connected to his basic pedalling action and wouldn’t be limited to his trials riding alone

BTW, i thought riding with the balls of your feet on the pedals was the ‘generally accepted’ way?

in racing yes,

but for trials i ride on my balls and my arches,just remember if you take big drops;you dont want to land on your (feet) balls.

my Summit still sits in the corner…