my sucky pedals!

After an hour ride on my Coker, I lost balance resulting in a UDP.
I was okay but my left stock-plastic pedal got jammed.
Now everytime I pedal, it ‘clicks’.
Do you have any suggestions for metal pedals?

Two words: DMR V12 (and yes i know neither of those are words)

Do anything you can to get your hands on these pedals, they’re not too expensive, completely rebuildable, upgradable and stick like nothing on earth to your shoe. You can get magnesium bodies and titanium axles if you want to go light. Try


I’ve not seen the DMR pedals available in the US. They seem to be a UK kind of a thing.

But there are lots of good metal pedals for the Coker.

DansComp has the Sun Ringle Zuzu pedal which is a good Coker pedal. It’s not good for muni or trials because the pedal body will break. But for the Coker it’s just fine.

The Shimano DX MX-30 pedals are also good. You can find them on eBay for under $50. Do a search on “Shimano DX pedal” or “Shimano MX30” or “Shimano MX-30”.

The metal Odyssey Twisted pedals or the Poverty platform pedals are also good if you’re looking for a less expensive pedal. DansComp carries both.

dmr v8’s are the same as the v12’s i think just a lil bit heavier and the v8’s are alot cheaper.

i bought the v8’s last year and there still holding out pretty well.


dmr are good
guess what, I got a DMR sticker from stonleigh park bike show and now It’s on the back of my car.

P.S. rubber pedals suck, and are like using blocks of ice (or something else slippery) when it rains. you knew that already but it had to be said.

V8s and V12s weigh very nearly the same, the difference is that the V12s are double sealed and are fully serviceable with all replacement parts available. The V8s are unsealed and i don’t think they can be rebuilt in the same way, so they won’t last aslong, and yes they are about £15 cheaper.


here’s a site with uk prices if anyone needs to know.

I do 5-10 miles of Muni a day on my coker with my 50lb Lab(Lucy). I use Wellgo Magnesium pedals w/ pins and sealed bearings.
I match that up with a pair of Vans and i’m very sticky.
No UPD’s to report since then.
Have Fun!!


P.S. This shot would’nt be possible with plastic pedals. At least not without a high UPD factor.

uni pics.jpg