My stupid muni day

I had a bad case of stomach flu or something on Saturday, and apparently woke up today with a bad case of bad judgment. I was dying to get in a long muni ride to try out my new Profiles, and because I hadn’t had a long ride in two weeks. I knew I should probably take it easy after being sick the day before, but I really wanted to do 15 or 20 miles and got up at 6 am to get ready. My wife suggested I take one of our dogs for a uni run before I left, and I agreed. I have a new wireless speedo that I can read while I ride, so I immediately, with no warm up, decided to try to set a new land speed record for a 24x3, 170 crank muni being towed by a crazy sled dog, on asphalt of course. Well, as soon as we hit 11 mph, the dog must have surged a little and I hit the ground with no time to run or roll. I skidded on my wrist guards, and my knees which were supposed to be protected by my Roach armor (but leg armor never really seems to cover your knees when you need it). Also one elbow was gouged pretty deep and I was scraped on my left forearm and shoulder. The sound of my muni hitting the street was like a car wreck on an otherwise silent morning, so I jumped up and rode home before anyone could come out of their houses to see what happened.
I cleaned and bandaged my knees and elbow, and decided I could still do my long ride. I didn’t get on the trail until 9 am, an hour and a half later than planned, and it was getting hot already.
I was riding a mostly rocky trail, with some climbs and technical sections, but I avoided the really brutal rocky stretches that I sometimes ride. That was the only good judgement of the day. Surprisingly I felt really good for the first 10 miles, then my left knee started seizing up. It had apparently hit the street hard enough to bruise it internally. By mile 12 I was in a lot of pain, but by 13 it started letting up a little and I slowly made my way home. I ended up with 15.07 miles in 3 hours and 13 minutes. I got the distance but I would have liked to do it in 2.5 hours or so.
Now that several hours have passed, and I have iced my knees and taken ibuprofen, it seems like it was a good ride. I guess any ride that doesn’t kill you is a good ride.

Remember to ride safe, use good judgment, and wear body armor. Lots of it.


Re: My stupid muni day

I disagree. I think that any ride that doesn’t kill you or make you miss out on other rides is a good ride. So if you get paralyzed or break a crank arm (or a leg) a week before the California MUni Weekend, it was a bad ride.

Re: Re: My stupid muni day

Having something happen to make me miss Cal Muni this year, WOULD kill me, so my statement stands.:slight_smile:
That is why I was almost glad when my hub broke 2 weeks ago. I thought, at least it didn’t happen halfway down Downieville.

Looking forward to seeing you there, Paco.


I’m doing extensive ‘product testing’ to make sure that nothing breaks in California because, like you said, it probably would kill me too. My Velo seat is already getting some holes in it, but it should make it though at least that weekend. It will be nice meeting people I already know for the first time. In Moab, I met a lot of people, but I didn’t really know them yet, so I can’t remember most of them. This time will be much better.

Hey Scott, hope you heal up quickly!!!
I put the 140’s back on the 28’r and planned to go out and do some distance riding this morning also. Then Jackie called me last night and wanted to go ride mountain bikes with “Dear Old Dad” this morning at O.P. so my plans got changed. I hope to get in a little uni ‘road ride’ this evening if things work out:)

Re: My stupid muni day

I am highly impressed. I would have taken the first wreck as direct orders from Up Above to watch football all day.

If Scott continues showing this type of will power, I will have to place him on my “Uni Hero List”.

Let me tell you about my ride today. I was extremely tired from being at a 12 hour wedding yesterday (my last un-married Brother-in-Law). Today, the family was going to the mall, so I loaded up my Uni and drove up to the North Carolina mountains. My idea was to ride 5 or 6 miles on hard-packed gravel roads and trails, all in the beauty and coolness of the Appalachians.

What really happened: I drove to NC, parked at the planned start of the ride, leaned my truck seat back and promptly fell asleep for 2 hours. Then I drove back home! Hummm, guess I’m getting old. :smiley: --chirokid–

That sounds like the right ratio… 2/3 fun and 1/3 strengthening and conditioning for next time :slight_smile:

I didn’t do too much riding this weekend–planned on riding a lot with my KH and Coker, but there were… shipping problems. I rode for a little while today on my good 'ol 20" and tried a little more on the one footed pedaling; I’m much better at it when there is a slight decline.

Once I get my new wheels, do any of you want to go riding?


Hell YEAH!!!

This evening I did manage to pull the 28’r out for a short ride before the Sun set. With the 140mm cranks on it, I managed to knock out a quick 4 miles in 38 minutes between the time I left the house and made it back home including stopping for 2 traffic lights and 4 UPD’s!!

I did the same thing. Just before dark, I did a quick 3.18 miles on my 24" with 145mm cranks. I live in the country, so no red lights for me. I live in Tennessee, so no UPD’s either (why that matters I have no idea, but I thought it might make me sound as wise as Paco). Total ride was time was 28 minutes. This ride included an awesome hill that runs up through a new subdivision. I saw two different families standing in their windows watching that funny man riding up and down their hill on one wheel. --chirokid–

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It felt like “will power” at the beginning of the ride. When my knee started locking up it felt like “bad judgment”. Pehaps knowing the difference is what makes one wise. I have never been accused of that.

I think skidding on asphalt is less painful. :astonished:


hey scott,

glad you seem to be ok. my last wreck included a bang to my ‘protected’ knee. it seems to me that roach leg armor does not have adequate knee protection (and i’ve never had trouble keeping the knee covered). it protects against scratches and cuts, but not really hard knocks. i’m going to rethink my leg protection.


Im fine today, sporting 3 medium size bandages. I hope your injuries are healing well also.
I haven’t had any other impact injury to my knee with the Roaches, but I know it could happen. My biggest problem is that they are a little short for me, and a sliding fall pushes them down and uncovers the tops of my knees. My previous pads were the 661 MTB knee/shin guards ( with the hard plastic external knee cups. On several occasions I slammed my knees down on solid rock with those and had no pain at all. Also, they slide on the ground much better than fabric. Unfortunately, they had no calf protection and a bad strap system, and are way too short if you have long legs at all. I would like to have custom sized Roach armor with an external knee cup. I think that would be ideal. Whether they would make that or not, I don’t know.


Matt and Kenny,

Whenever Matt gets his muni, I’ll be ready for a ride. Email me to set it up.


coker riding in austin

Hi Matt,
I’m gonna be out of riding comission for quite a while with a cracked elbow but after I’m back I’d be more than willing to do some Coker street riding around SA with you or you’re more than welcome to come ride with us in Austin. I just recently got the KH 24 but not much riding because of the crack. Hope you have fun and be careful or you’ll end up like me. Later, days.


Scott and Kenny,

I am hoping to have them and have them assembled by Friday, so if you guys want to try for any time this weekend… that should work. If I don’t have them thrown together in time, I could always let you do it :smiley:

I’ll let you know if I get them sooner.


Re: coker riding in austin


Sorry to hear about your elbow; I did something to mine a few days ago too… if I landed with just a little more weight on it, I’m sure I would have fractured or broken it. Let me know when you’re ready to ride and would like to give it a try… I’d like to give it a try down here, up there or both… you can email me at my same username here