My Street III

This is my new vidéo “My Street III”

Coment please

Really good riding! Think I’ve said it before, but, I <33333 your fullback revs! They made me learn them, just because they are so cool (mine are not the best, but they are actually getting pretty well) :stuck_out_tongue:
You’re really showing the world another side of the sport with your super-creative street! For me you’re really good inspiration for my own riding!

Keep making more videos dude! :smiley:

Ahhhh I love your videos! The two things I liked the best were the late revback down the 6? and the side-swing over the fence. So creative! Your rolling hops are massive, too :open_mouth: Loved it, bro!!

YESSSSSSSSSSS I LOVE REWINDS(original name for back rev)!!!

Awesome style, love your crankgrabs, big gaps and twists. Huge. And backflips are so awesome, they have so much more style compared to crankflips.

Love this, make more plz

it´s quite awesome. massive jumps. should get someone with a hi speed cam to film you.

love it man :slight_smile: one footer was also awesome. and obviously everything everyone else mentioned! love the no hander as well :slight_smile:

Awesome vid :D:D

How’s the ankle?

I do not understand.

that was awesome! love your style! :slight_smile:
the rewinds were really cool too.

Really Nice! Liked the 540 off the table. (and all that other crazy $h!t)

Comment va ta cheville ?
Google translate is your friend :wink:

I understand the question but not why you asked me.
My ankle is fine.:smiley:

I must have mixed up your vid w/ someone else who badly rolled their ankle in a UPD (I sometimes open multiple vids at the same time so I don’t have to wait for each to load).

Just rewatched and I like your flowing style, just like the last vid of yours I saw but the tricks here were better :smiley: