My Street II

This is my new video of street unicycle “My Street II”!
Please coment !

wow, nice style!! and uge jumps.

keep making good videos :smiley:

You’ve just reached number 1 on my favourite rider list! :smiley: Your style is amazing! you’re the most inspering unicyclist i know!!!

Are you coming to Unicon in Italy? I would love to ride with you some day! :smiley:

Man… I love your style soooo much!!! One of the best out there… reminds me of Xavier (;
The Rriding was sick… nice highumps, creative stuff and crankgrabs :wink:


Thank! I might come to unicon in Italy.
Xavier Collos is one of my favorite rider!:slight_smile:

Such awesome styyyyyyyylllleeeeeee.

Man, I’ve never heard of you but you’ve got some huge creativity! One thing that annoyed me a bit though was that the clips faded/cross-faded between every cut. Other than that, awesome skills! :smiley:

Nice to hear :smiley:

Very nice video, loved the riding.

i have a boner now just from watching this :astonished:

Dood those were so beastly hops! I loved it!
like Ralphii said your style looks just like xiaver’s
So steezy fresh man! :smiley:

i want to see more from you :sunglasses:

Awesome video! You’ve definitely got dope style, and the rolling hops over that string thing were insane :open_mouth: The only thing I didn’t really like was the music, it seemed like every other word was pussy, ass, or nigger which got a bit annoying/overly vulgar. Like I said though great video other than that, keep riding! I’ll hopefully see you in Italy then :smiley:

this is soooo crazy i really liked the riding even though its on a 22’ :o

as this guy is french, i guess he didn’t noticed that, so i’m pretty sure it wasn’t intentionnal

nice vid, I had never heart of you, but now I will remind you

I had not seen that many videos of you previously, the other day me and Hugo watched your vid together… We were really mind blown, so much style and I like the pedals grabs that reminded me of the Poham’s recent vid too. Huge hops were AMAZING. You beat many peoples sidehops man! haha
(PS. Do you really do 320cm on a 20inch??? cuz that’s INSANE)

22" :wink: