My street bedford BC came!

Yep, my BC wheel came today.:smiley: Its awesome. Thanks Darren. Havent tried it outside yet but im going to now.

Here it is:

Hey, its not Orange! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun, I know what you’ll be doing for the next several hours…

oooohhhh pretty… i want to make a bc…


Sweet, Too bad its a 20 inch.:smiley:

Can you weigh it for me? i want to know what the weights are of the different bc wheels.

Not sure how accurate my scale is but i weighed myself and then myself holding the bc (then subracting the two) and it weighed 8 pounds.

I managed to ride about 60 feet so far and can do little hops. How do i keep the wheel straight when i push it? (before i get on)

Holy crud, My 26" bc wheel with a grind plate weighs 6 pounds.

Darren needs to lighten up his plates a little bit.

First of all, the weight difference may be partially due to a difference in Rim quality. Second, as skate4flip said his measurement may be a little bit off. Lastly, Heavier often means stronger.

You’re always so much better than everyone, Evan.


sweet i need to get a BC but id prolly fall and kill myself. i have good balance but i dont think its that good. lol

Yeah well bullcrap, my plates are stronger than darrens, and they also weigh 3/4 of a pound.

eat that!

At least Darren is cool…

Who cares what the prodiver is like, you want the product to be above par.

Hey darren, just incase your reading this, i think your plates are really good for the price and are powdercoated to sweetness.

Right now I have two pairs of Darren’s plates and one pair of Evan’s. My trials bc with Evan’s plates on feels like it weights the same as my long Bedford plates alone. In my opinion, Evan’s plates are too low. I like the feeling of Darrens way more. I don’t know how they compare in strength but I like my Bedford plates more than my Evan plates so my Evan plates are sitting in my garage ready to go back to Evan’s house.

Anyways…That’s a cool BC skate4flip:) Make some movies soon.

Evan that is not always true. Lets say the product is great, but the dealer is a real a-hole. Compared to another product that is good and the dealer is a great guy. I would prefer to buy from the great guy, even if his product is a little less in quality. Just because I know I am dealing with a nice and reliable guy.

Hey Jeff, nice looking BC you got there. Can’t wait to see some videos :)!

Yeah but 2 freakin pounds for something with like 40% less material?!

im not saying darrens bcs are bad, break easy, or that hes a bad guy, but for me, the bolts are too high, and the plates are too heavy.

Im not say that anyone should or shouldn’t buy darresn stuff, bacicly, you should try it out first, for me(but not very many others) darrens plates dont work well.

if ur plates are SO GOOD then why isnt all the other bc wheelers riding them ?

Jeez, his plates are lighter because they are not solid metal, get over it already.

And have you ever heard of personal preference?

Some people like muni, some like freestyle…

Some people like Darren’s , some might like mine, only 2 people have tried my plates, that is myself and Spencer. I can see having gotten so use to one kind of plate, that seeing the better aspects of another kind could be Difficult.

I rode Darren’s for a long time, they bent, but not bad, the major factor for me is that the bolts are a little too low, I don’t know if its the shoes I wear, or my feet are taller, or what, but I can only just get my toes under the bolts. I can do almost everything on either kind of plate, infact, I doubt there are any tricks that Darren’s plates would inhibit me from doing, whereas mine wouldn’t. After a long day of riding and hoping, the bolts kill my feet on Darren’s because the bolt stick into the side of my foot. Another one for me is that Darren’s plates are rather heavy, since they are solid aluminum, this can make large hops tough. For me the long plates have screwed up some of my tricks, its possible that after time I could get use to them, but there are some freak twitches of my foot that I throw in for balance and the long plates screwed me up when I do, resulting in a UPD. But for a machined aluminum pair of plates, powder coated, grip taped, and sold for 80 bucks, you cant beat Darren’s plates.

Since I BC every day, and am trying many new tricks, I like to have my own perfect plates, I could see for someone who has a BC wheel on the side and rides it when they are bored, then the Bedford BC wheels and plates would be great for that.

I have been experimenting with many different kinds of plates, designs, and weights. So far the tubular plates are the best for me, they are really light, and are very strong. On my plates I dropped them down 1/2" more than Darren’s to incorporate my foot, this Basically places the bolt just above my foot, if I ride on the ball of my foot then the bolt is not in contact with my shoe, if I slide my foot forward a little bit then it is. It takes a little getting use to when you hop your feet slide up an inch or so, and when you land they pop back down, but this also allows you to bail a little bit better, I have had crashes where the bolts jammed into my foot and put me out of riding for about 3 days.

Again, this is all my own opinion, I suggest that you try things out before you buy them. Not very many people agree with what I say, but its what I have experienced.



ok, im considering making a real shitty BC wheel or something, just wondering, is it like hecticly hard? as in how much harder than uni’ing. an also, could some kind of braking arrangment work?

im thinking using a bicycle brake that attaches to the plates (which may make an arc over the wheel) an goes to the top. the only thing is that you would need to lean back, an when u are leaning back the brakes would come back too, dont THINK this would be too much of a problem, as long as the brakes are really sensitive… input?