My Story

Age: 35 City: Rochester, MN Occupation: Electrical Engineer Married with 3 kids.

I am an avid juggler (I can do 5 balls and 4 clubs) and in January of this year
somebody in the juggling club told me where he saw a used uni for sale. I bought
it for $50. It is a 24" old Schwinn. I started learning in my basement because
there is no place to ride a uni outside in January in Minnesota. Within a couple
of weeks I could ride the 30 feet across the basement. Learning to free mount
took longer and I then learned I had the seat way too low. Had to learn to free
mount all over again after I moved the seat up where it should be.

Over the summer I have learned to go as far as I want, can do figure 8’s in the
driveway, can juggle 3 balls and my 5 year old son likes me to give him rides on
my shoulders. My 7 year old son isn’t brave enough to sit on my shoulders even
without being on the uni.

This winter I hope I can learn (in my basement again) how to idle. I would like
to get more steady while juggling, especially 3 clubs. I have tried to pick up
things on the ground and can get down to something about 7" high so far. Would
be nice to learn to pick up a dropped club.

Unicycling is still second to juggling and I really only want to learn enough on
the uni so I can work it in with my juggling.

Andy Arhelger

Re: My Story

>Why wait till next winter? Try to learn idling and backwards as soon after
>learning to ride as possible.


There are other things to work on while the weather is still nice outside. Like,
juggling 4 clubs, juggling on the uni, more long distance endurance on the uni,
working on pick ups, playing baseball with my boys, etc.

Just so many hours in the day.

Andy Arhelger