My Stockton has arrived!!

There she is. I’ve not figured out a name yet, but it just arrived yesterday (was too busy yesterday riding to make a thread about it!). The unicycle came as a Dave Stockton ultimate superstrong wheel (29’er tube, SS spokes, airfoil, coker tire), black frame with magura mounts, and 125 cranks with azonic a-frame pedals, which just happen to be super-sweet. I put the yellow roach cover it came with on it, and I’m borrowing the CF seatbase/reeder handle for now (not my first choice but time was an issue in the build), and oh my god is it ever sweet! I really am addicted, I woke up this morning and all I could think about was riding. Even now I’m feeling at home on it, which is good!

I now have everything for my plan to unicycle from north sydney, NS to halifax, NS this summer, a 500km trip. The entire thing is going to be self-supported, and I’m gonna fit a sleeping bag and a tent on there somewhere! Needless to say, I’ve been in a stellar mood for the past 24 hours, and I’m discovering which muscles are specific to Cokering! :slight_smile:


Have a great trip.

that must have be an awesome packing job…

I’m adding another rack to the front, and the sleeping bag/tent are going to be packed on the underside of the racks. food in the front, required gear (first aid, electronics, cookset) in the back. simple!

Dang, 29 feet? That’s really big.

How heavy is your tent?
Please post pictures when you have found a way to get your tent on that beast.
It does look very nice.

What kind of pack is that on the back?
And how do you get it on there?

Sweet ride! I really miss having Stockton in my club since he moved to TX.

Australia is gorgeous. I hope to visit one day – and to bring a uni with me when I do!

Dave, remember the first time we met and you kept asking me about London’s theatre district? And then Leeanne popped her head in and said ‘Brian, he thinks you’re from England…’

Sydney is in Nova Scotia, a province in good ol’ Canada :slight_smile: (but it is also quite gorgeous there)

ps…nice ride!!

Blue hair!!!

Oh and nice uni too:)

Can you post more, better pics of the coker? Can’t see the details very well in the initial pic. thanks!:slight_smile:

does it have a brake?

at first, I thought it was a 29er from the angle of the pic:)

edit: nice hair.


I love the hair but i love the uni way more

Nice cycle. I once rode a Stockton 36er, and liked it. You’re psyched!

Newfoundland isn’t a big enough ride for you? You hafta go all the way to NS? Why not ride from St. Johns to Gros Morne (it’s very lovely), then down to Port aux Basques?

Of course, if you do NS, you have to check the Bay of Fundy, right? Make sure you camp near the ocean, as the tide changes are unbelievable.

Sweet! I got a chance to ride a 29er with 90" cranks and it was fast! I was addicted imediatly! But unfortunatly I still dont have one.

By they way, how tall are you?:stuck_out_tongue:

LiveWire unicycles are the cat’s ass. One of my muni wheels is a LW, and it’s my favorite. Rock on with the ride. Way jealous here.

90" cranks eh…Sounds like it would be damn slow.



If you’re riding proper distance on it, buy some spare bearings for the pedals and carry them everywhere you go. Seriously, the failure mode of those pedals when the bearings go is for the pedal to fall right off without any warning, and you’re stuck if you’ve not got spare bearings with you. They’re okay for people who always ride from the car, but I wouldn’t recommend them for distance, particularly for unsupported touring. I’d really recommend using unsealed bearing pedals for long tours, because they go a bit scritchy way before they fail, so you know to fix them, and 90% of the time fixing them is just a matter of putting a bit of grease in.

As for carrying stuff, I played with racks etc. for a bit, but in the end I decided that the downside of the unicycle riding like poo with a rack on wasn’t worth it. I ended up strapping my sleeping bag directly under the back of my seat, and using a bivvi bag rather than a tent, which could just stick in my (large) camelbak. I found it much better having slightly more weight in the backpack than having more weight on the unicycle, particularly on hills, or anywhere you need to manouvre tightly.


okay, let’s see if I can answer everyone’s questions - I was out talking to a guy who does long distance trips more or less for a living, I spose. Very enlightening (and yummy, there was food as well!)

The pack on the back is just a seatpost rack from canadian tire, made by schwinn, and then a cheapo rack pack from the same place strapped on top.
The tent is a few pounds, it’s a two man tent and is fairly light. Right now, assuming I don’t get annoyed with weight and go the tarp route, I’m going to be putting it underneath the front rack, which I’m gonna go buy today.

nope, but the mounts are there and I got the wheel machined so the option is there. The plan currently is to do some highway riding, and see if I can handle the downhills comfortably. I’m thinking a brake may be in my future however.

I feel the same way.

I’m doing this ride in perhaps the worst way possible, which is with a time limit. Right now I’ve got a couch reserved at a friend’s house in halifax, and I’m going to be riding from n.s. to halifax to catch some of the buskers’ festival. That’s sort of the secondary reason for the ride, aside from the ride itself.

I’m only 5’9" or so, but when the picture was taken my mom didn’t want to come down into the wet driveway without shoes :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up about the pedals. I’m going stocking up on repair toosl today as I just got the storage space on yesterday. I intend to carry gear while I’m training to be used to the weight somewhat.

The plan right now is to carry water on my back and nothing else, as past that the weight makes my lower back start to hurt. The handling of the unicycle is not so important as the hills, although I am likely going to want some 150s after the damn thing is fully packed. I intend to test this out early to avoid headache.