My sponsorship Video

I’m trying to get sponsored by my LBS I’ve just made this up and would like comments and suggestion on stuff that could be improved.

Thanks in advance

hey, nice video. you might want to invest in a tripod tho. so it’s not as wobbly :slight_smile: keep it up, see if you can eliminate some hops as well. keep practising :slight_smile:

Nice vid.

I want to get a trampoline now. :slight_smile:

might wanna wear a helmet in sponsor videos although it looks goofy it sends out a better image.

Have you seen skateboard street lately? specifically the dew tour? They are not even wearing helmets in competition.

Although a sponsor would be happy to see their riders protect their skulls, it is not really something that is tied to an image they are looking for. Unless of course the sponsor is a protective gear company.

I don’t think your good enough to get a sponsor, but i may be wrong. Try to lessen your hops a bit.

Thanks for the replys guys I would wear a helmet if I owned one. Getting one before unicon hopeful.

I have a tripod its just really small
its about the same size as this. My massive one is broken and I’m trying to replace it ASAP

What are your reasons for wanting to be sponsored?

dont name it “sponsorship vid” that sounds unprofessional.

Nice try on the shifty down the 8 set. You should try again, you almost had it.

ok thanks I’ll think of name within the next 2 days

Yea that jump was pretty mean I did land it once on the 3rd try lol. the 1st one in the video made me shake a bit because I bruised my palm.

Also reason for sponsor is so I ride harder before unicon etc etc. since I’ve made this video I have metioted I’ve been riding harder

To be honest i think a sponsor will only motivate you to ride harder for a few days.I motivate myself by thinking back a year ago and how much ive improved.Then i imagine how good ill be in another year if i ride just as hard or harder.Plus watch lots of videos for motivation :smiley:

yea watching videos has also helped.


lol yea I cant watch a lot tho. because my sister is always using our internet usage and we have 20GB a month.

Nice vid, but:

+1, unless it’s 661.

Better still stands
Fewer hops. (roll short transitions instead of hopping them)
Higher hops SI and SIF.
More flow

To eliminate those excessive hops for a month or two (or indefinately linke Luke) you might want to: hop stairs up, down, one, two, three + at a time (mix it up); do all your tricks, starting w/ your most basic ones and don’t count them as successful unless there were NO correction/prehops (stairs too).

Youre missing that he said he wanted to get sponsored by his local bike shop

I can go up stairs no problem with only hop per stair. Most of teh stuff in that video was probley the first time I’ve done that, and because I live so far away from were I do trials it’s hard for me to go there all the time. I try and go there every sunday and get mum to take me but half the time she cant.

I have a little set up in teh back yard but its not that great I’m trying to get more pallets to make it bigger and hard for me, But get a trailer and getting the pallets from somewhere is hard to do in Palmerston North, NZ

This Video is great but it Street I like street but cant do half if not all those tricks. I don’t do tricks.

Thanks for the video tho


Wtf do you spin more than once…I’m guessing your body mass, right? Or am I just crazy?