My sponsor me video is all done

Hi everyone. I’ve been filming most of my riding all summer, and ive put together a street riding video of myself. Im going to send it away to some companies just to see what they think about street unicycling, and hopefully get a sponsorship (hey i can dream) its 18 mb, so you should have fast internet. and some of you might have seen most of it already, but whatever, heres the final product and heres the link: any feedback is cool. see ya, Kevin James McMullin

Hey Kev,
Downloading it, no dought it wil be good :wink:


Outrageous! Even my secretary had to come in and watch.

Makes so much more sense the second time.

Wow, thats video was amazing. How long have you been riding for?

DUDE, my computer is finally going fast! At 187 KB/Second! Even though it used to go at over 300, but this is faster than it went yesterday.
That’s a low seat post. You’re reeaally good. If that doesn’t convince them to sponsor you, nothing will.
But you might want to take out the throwing the uni part. I mean, they’re going to be paying for that stuff! LOL

Sweet!!! That’s some huge grids, and Falls. I love it

thank you very much for the positiveness.

actually when you think about it, falling down a 10 set rail is going to hurt your uni more than throwing it. and after 45 tries at griding a 9 stair ledge with a kink at the bottom… believe me… you want to throw something! (i got it on the 46th try by the way!) anyways, keep giving feedback. oh and i started uniing like 2 years ago, but didnt start street riding til this year. anyways

peace, Kevin

very cool video. i saw most of that in your other one. is it just me or is your seat really low? mine sometimes feels too low when i change it for trials but now i don’t feel so bad about it. your video is inspiring to me since it gives me hope for my grinds and stair hops. how many steps was that one right before the uni hits you in the head? also, that’s you skating in the beginning right? i wonder how many of us started out skating and then stopped to unicycle… anyway, cool video, and i’m mostly into street trials too. maybe after i finish my video i’ll work on something to send to guys for sponsorship. any advice?

yeah, its true. i keep my seat post really low for 2 reasons.

  1. I find it helps me hop higher. For street riding, its hard to do seat out hopping, or stuff just doesnt flow. Now people like Dan Heaton can still ride with their seat post high, but they have their own technique that i dont really understand. so having a low seat post allows me to hop, and then crouch in until the seat hits me.

  2. With the seat that low, i can’t sack myelf. i measure the height of my seat post by placing it under me and standing flat foot. if i can stand over it comfortably then its the right height for me. so if i land a 10 set with no feet, then it wont hurt my “area”.

As for how many stairs everything is… every big set that i dont land something down is 10. i hop 2 different 9 sets, and grind a 9 set ledge. my biggest handrail is 7, and the attempted ones are 10 stairs.

I dont relaly have any advice… just get out there, ride, and dont be scared to try stuff cause you wont get hurt if you land it! and yes thats me skating at the beginning.

see ya, Kevin

Hey is there any way if i sent you some money you could send me a copy on a cd or dvd that would be bigger? if so email meemail

Of the two or three versions of the video that you have put in the gallery, this one is the best. The music is a better choice. Being able to hear the grinds and the thumps of the landings over the music makes the video much better. Good job.

john. thanks for the compliment. its not however the music that makes the difference, its the fact that i finally got a fire wire cable for my computer, so i can transfer sound to my computer. i was using a usb cable before and couldnt figure out how to get sound if its possible at all. either way, i like this one better, and it has a legal music selection cause my friend composed the song and gave me permission to use it! thanks again john


Deffenatlly the best variation of the Shorts I’ve seen of you. I really wish you luck on the sponcership. Maks sure you send it out to BMX companies as well as MTN Bike ones and any other person you can think of.

Hope to see ya in Toronto or at some other event in the comming year.


That video was AWSOME!

You have inspired me to learn to grind now… thanks! :slight_smile:


hey mike. im going to be sending mostly to bmx and skateboard companies. and im hoping to get to toronto this year for TOque whenever its going to be.

see ya, Kevin

Thats some awesome stuff, I hope you get sponsered(sp?).

How is the uni scene in NB?

hey paul. its good to see another unier from the maritimes. its not that great here. theres a few people who can ride, but no one else is hardcore into it. ive got a friend who can ride my uni, and hes pretty pumped about getting his own, so hopefully it’ll pick up once he starts doing some stuff. email me or add me to your msn if you have one: kevin_mcmullin(at)hotmail(dot)com
maybe next time i got to hali we can hook up and ride

later, kevin

Ok, I added you.

Theres a few other guys around here, one of them is pretty crazy, but not at you’r level.

Kevin -

Amazing riding!

Steve Howard

I was up in Dingwall, NS this August and it looked to me like that there was some awesome places to ride around there. Lots of extreme hills in the park, as well as good food (I liked Tim Hortons {when will they have one down here in the states? It’s much better than Duncan Donuts or Krispy Kreme} and Bumble Berry Pies, Yumm! And WHERE can I get some Black Pearl?).