My Spokes sound really weird...Advice please

Everytime I jump or do something they make a creaking noise or they like rattle(it’s not all my spokes, but there are some)…I heard you are supposed to tighten them, but how do you do that?

Go to a bike shop, they’ll (at least mine does) around $10 bucks to re tighten your spokes. Another posibility is your cranks: take them out, clean em and then loctite em.



after i broke my hub me and my dad rebuilt my wheel, didnt realy no what we were doing but I think we got it right i have been riding on it for maybe 3 weeks nos and its fine but we did have to keep tighting it up after every ride because it kept twanging again. if your quite a practical person and have a good feel for things i would buy a spoke key (which are like a little metal triangle with slot in it) because my spokes kept twanging after every ride for a while so if you have to keep taking it to the shop it may get verry annoying and end up costing quite a bit.

If you build a wheel carefully, taking time to stress relieve and un-torque the spokes (which a bike shop should) then the wheel won’t go loose again each time you ride it. Learning how to build a wheel is still a useful skill to learn, I’m doing my nimbus 36" atm.

it was the first wheel that we have built and we did do it quickly, i think it only took about 2 hours


my first wheel took 6.5 hours, and after 3 months of riding, it is becoming untrue. i didnt do the best build job and now see its worth having a pro do it

I just tried out my first wheelbuild, a 4 cross airfoil/14g stainless spokes/UDC wide coker hub, probably took 4 hours in total and it’s not quite right (can’t get the damn thing round) but it rides well.

I got mine right by lining up the screwdriver slot w/ the spoke ends on every single one then counting turns. it is perfect(sorta) and i like it.

if you put it back in the frame still without the tire on (you dont have to do up the nuts) you can spin it, if it gets closer too the frame at a point you bring it back by tighting the apropriote spokes and not before long you have a lovely true wheel :smiley:

got UDC to build mine up for me then they sent it to me, sweeeet. tyre was pumped and all.

how much did it cost? and how long did it take?

bah a skilled wheelbuilder will take 45mins and it will be perfect… personally i think its worth going to ur lbs they will do it for $10-$15

its not really worth borthering unless you just want to learn…

Well worth a read!

Wheel building is easy once you know how!

Just buy yourself a cranked spoke spanner and you’re set!

Rock on!

Most local bike shops do a terrible job at wheel building.