my special power

apparently I have a gift of deciding I want a new uni, then that uni goes out of stock…

I guess I’ve been thinking of buying a 36 for too long. :frowning:

Happened last year with the oregon, now the kh 36.

Cheer up!!! They still want your money. They’ll get more in stock. :wink:

Also, you could decide right now what you want after the 36’er & place an order on it right away so that they won’t run out when you really want it. :smiley:

Compulsion claims to have them in stock. I’m sure Joe would be happy to hook you up.

Try here

Or serious juggling.

When I went on UDC.UK to buy my first 29er (A Qu-Ax Crossfire), I got a phone call the day after apologising for the fuss, but not only are the Crossfires out of stock (I’d already ordered + paid on the website as they hadn’t flagged up as out of stock) but that he’d tried contacting Qu-Ax about it and discovered the Uni’s are discontinued!! :frowning:

He said this is because they’re rolling out this year’s models, but they wouldn’t be arriving for a couple weeks and would be more expensive too (Looking at the website now, they don’t seem to be ‘better’, just a different paint job and stuff, I guess they’re just expensive because they’re new).

I found the Uni on another website and bought it there, it also had free shipping, but I still paid about the same as I would have on UDC because the base price was a bit higher :smiley:

On reflection I probably should’ve waited a few weeks and got the latest model, but I wanted a new ride NOW as my eBay special 24" was starting to show signs of being thrashed too hard…

Sorry for the novel, just wanted you to know I share your pain! :sunglasses:

I’m actually not quite ready to buy it yet. I set a goal of riding my 29er around lake sammamish (23 miles), I want to make sure I get that done before I move onwards and upwards.

Thanks for those other links, they will come in handy when I’m ready.