My sore butt!!! Ouch!

Ouch!!! :astonished: My butt hurts really bad after any ride on my 29er that’s over like a mile! The seat is one of those KHs without the handle, and it gets really uncomfortable really fast. What should I do? I tried wearing padded bike shorts, but that didn’t help much at all. Should I just go for the Gel saddle when they come out in November?

Hollow out the foam and make it an airsaddle. Best thing for distance rides.

Butt hurting or saddle soreness on inner thighs?

my saddle is tilted backwards on my 29er
it forces me to seat really to the back of the saddle and reduces much saddle soreness.
try to tilt it

Which are the KHs without a handle? :thinking:

Check this thread out.

The more you ride it, the more comfortable it gets.
Practice. (Oh yeah, and padded cycle shorts/longs)


The more i ride my unicycle, the more sore i get :frowning:

put some washers between the seat and the top of the seat post, only on the front two seat bolts.

you will see that this tilts the seat back nicely for an immediate improvement. If you need to tilt it even further, get a rail adapter.

I bought a seat already on a post once and was suprised how tilted up it was…and shocked by how all of a sudden more comfortable riding was!

wear double bike shorts.