My sons first UPD, at 4 months old

No helmet?
Not to worry, Ziggy’s a trained stunt baby. :astonished:

ziggy upd.jpg


Nice coasting. He doesn’t even have to look where he’s going:D

hahaha thats awesome

i think your background sheet is possessed, it seems to be grabbing your child from his seat on the uni…

perhaps someone is trying to kidnap the baby but forgot that you can’t pull babies through sheets… :roll_eyes:

Any guesses on Ziggy’s first word?


or perhaps ‘Doo dee deedeeedeedee dee dee dee deee dee’

That’s great Adam. Definitely a record!

Give him a month or two and he’ll have mastered muni…

thats funny

I dunno, he seems like more of a UW36 fan to me


Hes cute! Seems like a very cheerful child. :smiley:

Great picture, and nice photoshopped ones. lol

That must be his first UPM as well.

No grandchildren for JustOneWheel, I guess…

You have a cute kid. You should start him unicycling early, so he grows up to be the next Kris Holm

Great photo! I think I’ll add it to my collection for a future “update” of my ‘Things not to do’ list… :slight_smile: