My son's 7th Bday!

My son’s 7th Bday is gonna be awesome, just picked up this 18" Uni for him for $20 bucks in like new condition.

He loved my Uni when I started riding a couple weeks ago so I had to get him one, and what a deal!

Of coarse he will be getting the usual as well: clothing, books, legos and such
I guess I like to spoil him but whatever. He got the guitar and remote control cars last year and a drumset for Xmas
He also has a WII at his moms house which makes me kind of jealous.

He is great in his sports and is an excellent student and reader in first grade

Toms Red Uni.jpg

Can anyone tell me anything about this new red 18" Uni? Or my free 20" blue one?

You got it on Craigslist.

Good job!!!

I mean, when it was made or anything?

Well, I wouldn’t be sure when they were made, but they are jugglebug unicycles.

Happy 7th b-day to your son! :slight_smile:

Thanks His Bday is the 25th, Ill be sure to have him introduce himself once he gets going :smiley:
We will deff start attending the NYC Unatics meetings soon

He’s a great little man and deserves everything I can give him!


Both look to me like Jugglebug unicycles. They used to sell them through the JC Penney catalog; I almost bought one for my oldest son when he turned 8 (ten years ago now!), but got one at the LBS instead. They’re great for learner unis; lots of them form the fleets for school gyms that have unicycling programs. Hope you both enjoy them!

I loved lego.

+1, except i could only find my lego when i didn’t have the patience to build with it.