my small trials vid !!

hey all,

i have really wanted to put togetha a vid, but due to the fact that i have a really poor and slow dial up internet connection, i cant upload large movies!!

So i finally put togetha a small vid showing some of the stuff i do around my area, but i couldnt include everything!!

Its about 2mins long or something like that, and the music might not blend, but i like the song so i put it in!!

neway, enuff blabbering from me, have a look at the vid and give me some opinions.

Thanx :slight_smile:

P.S. in a months time i will be gettin a faster connection so i can upload more and larger vids!!

sweet vid. you have some nice gaps in it. Now you got to learn some street to put in it. good job

Very cool.
The filming is good and the music fits well with the riding. The riding looks pretty good to me as well, smooth and controlled.

If I were you I would try to get a few more shots from a wider angle if you made a longer vid, the focus on the wheel looks good but it could get a bit samey if all the viewer can see is the wheel and your lower legs all the way through.
Also would be good to have a credit for the music at the end. What is it?

nice, I liked it. you’re pretty darned good.

Not really, if he wants to learn trials, and not street, I can’t blame him. I actually only know a few tricks because I focus mainly on trials.

I actually liked the way the music flowed with the vid, and the slight ‘smacking’ of the tire actually made it a really weird and cool kind of… serene video.

good stuff.

nicely done smoooth man … wish i could make a vid myself cant afford a camera :frowning:

good video. i like the seat-out style! your moves look clean, now it’s time to polish them. work on doing still-stands: try and increase the time between hops, when setting up for a move and when landing, so you’ll have more energy and control throughout your lines.

have you done any rolling hops onto those pallets? that’d be something i’d like to see in your next video. i’m a big fan of rolling hops as i’m just starting to get good at them…

street moves are for riders who can’t clean a trials line :smiley: who needs to throw a crankflip when they can land a drop on a rail or rolling hop onto a post?

not as good as Easy Riding…
But still good though. :wink:

nice video i liked it, but in your next one i would include more than just your lower legs.:slight_smile:

Yeah, I was waiting to see your face, or at least your upper body. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good vid though.

Mind if I put that in my sig line?

Well I have to disagree… Ryan Atkins can crankflip. Ever see him land a drop on a rail or rolling hop onto a post? 'Nuff, said.

NOW I knwo ur REAL name!!! TOM BROOK!!! now i will look u up and stock u like a hotdog.

sweet i got quoted score lol

Yes and yes. What’s your point?

Cool movie, I am jealous of all your pallets, it looks like you have 50 of them:)

Haha, but it would be better if they were crankflippin down onto rails and unispining up posts:D

nice video man


i agree but its nice to put a little street in to vary it up now and then

thanx for all the positive replies guys :slight_smile: sure did put a smile on my face hehe,
but yeah, i do do a bit of street on the side coz my mates arent very into trials and only ride street so i hav to learn some street to be able to enjoy myself wen i ride with em, but i can only do the basic street like 18o unispins, seat drop, seat wrap and a fair bit of freestyle and some grinds!!

but i will be sure to add some street into my next vid :slight_smile: but b4 then i am gonna be concentrating on my rolling hops and sif hops to get them higher :smiley:

i will be sure to get the camera man to film more of my upper body next time :stuck_out_tongue:

keep postin about the vid if u want :slight_smile: