My Skinny

Heres a video of my longest skinny im have done on a 20". its pretty lame but its was fun making it.


and good job. you got the still stands down.

Nice still stands, go try a handrail now!
How did you get those tire shots?

ahwwsom kewl vid!!

I just got a tripod that its legs bend around things. so i wrap it around the frame of my unicycle.

I got to go and try a handrail sometime;) . I dont have the skills like you do yet. To go higher and to around rail. Thats another level for me.

i dont think he has a 20’ uni…he meant 20" uni, not skinny…or so it reads that way

really nice stand still, very long skinney, and much jealousy created:p :o

Cool video, liked the camera angles.

Nice! I like how the trees and bushes were blowing around the the background, made the balancing even more impressive.

You’re ready, it’s not all that hard.

:angry: how can you fix something to make it incorrect!

like that.

Please put on youtube. Got locked out of the administrator account and can’t update flash.

Thanks for posting this video! I’m just getting started riding skinnies… so it’s inspiring for me… and I really like the video shots from the tire!

nice. You inspired me to put a 2x4 on edge.
Did you nail your 2x4 in place? mines wobbly. Or maybe thats just me :slight_smile:

But you have to hop to rubber onto the rail, because pedal grabs are for cheaters :roll_eyes:

At least (Now that I can ride handrails) I’m practicing getting up to rubber than to pedal.:stuck_out_tongue: