my sister wants a unicycle

and she keeps asking what kind she should get but the thing is i have no idea so i was wondering what everyone on here thinks. I was thinking the Torker LX but she wants something that looks good.
She is 12
85 pounds
5 foot
she doesnt know her inseam lengh one of the cheaper trial nimbus

Why not just get a DX for that price?

Agreed… the nimbus trials unicycles aren’t really worth their asking price. However, at her size she definitely doesn’t need a splined hub yet. I say go with the Torker LX.

What if she isn’t interested in trials or street?

I say she should get a 20" Nimbus II. It’s cheaper, a better learner, and if she wants she can put on a 20X2.4 Onza Stickyfingers, and upgrade parts as nessesary or just get a splined uni. Then she’ll have a good freestyle and a good trials.