My Second Viscount Air Seat

I made my second Viscount air seat the other week. The first I made has three layers - foam, air & gel - and I have this one on my MUni. This time though I made it with two layers - air & gel - as I wanted it to be less deep for use on my Coker. I also used a KH handle and tonight I added a Try-All brake mount for the new brake I put on.

If anyone’s interested I’ve put the pictures from making it in the gallery here;

I’ve learned from making the first one and from numerous people on here posting pictures and write ups, thanks.

As well as my comfy MUni I now have a comfy Coker :slight_smile:

Looks really great. I have a viscount saddle and was going to make it into an airseat too. I am using a 20" tube what size is that? And what kind of seat cover did you use?


I made the covers from some leatherette from my own design. It’s not too difficult if you can use a sewing machine, and it’s cheap.

When I looked at what size tube other people had used I read of 12", 16" & 20" so I used a piece of string on the saddle in the shape I wanted and the closest match was a 16" so that’s what I’ve used. I meant to but I didn’t take a photo of the tube in place so I tried to do quick drawing to demonstrate but it looked like a school kid’s depiction of certain parts of the male anatomy - I ditched that idea.

What a great project! And the result looks really excellent!
Funny thing–I see those Gel covers all the time in the bike shops, but it never occurred to me that one can fit over the top of a uni saddle!
Great idea!–and thanks for sharing with the rest of us how you got your air/gel seat made!