My second video

Hello friends.

We spent a beautiful fall afternoon biking/unicycling along the Grand River this past weekend. Here’s a summary of our experience. It was my first long ride on my new 26" Torker Unistar DX that I bought (on impulse) for $79 plus shipping from Bicyclesource. I’m sure that true uniphiles are shuddering, but the price was right, and it works well (except for that seat that I was complaining about in another thread). Now that my kids are starting to uni as well, one uni in the family just wasn’t enough! It’s also the first time I tried to ride AND video. Anyhow, enough blathering on - here’s the link:

Hope you enjoy.

Awesome, looked like a fun day! :slight_smile:

Thanks - it was great, and everyone had a good time.

ah, good old flat muni. good vid too

Nice tunes.

Great to see the whole family thing going on.

Thanks for sharing

Nice job putting together the video, great music for the relaxed atmosphere. :slight_smile: I love watching all of the extreme “muni - where death can occur” videos and the street and trials, but also like watching videos like this where it’s regular folks just having some good ole unicycling fun. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

Thanks - I’ve started to enjoy Eric Bibb’s music quite a bit (must be mellowing with age!) I initially was considering something a bit more upbeat, but that one just seemed to fit!

Many thanks! It was fun putting it together - another learning “edge” for me (my kids were very helpful). I like watching extreme muni where death can occur too (and I AM trying to learn how to jump) but I have too clear a sense of my own mortality to push that too far for myself :slight_smile: