My second Uni vid


(I hope…)

360s are lookin close.

For the 90 unispin you should put both feet next to the frame, will make it alot easier. The way your doing it will make it really unstable.

And dude I’ve never seen someone do seat out trials like you before. You hop with your right hand and hop to the right… its better if you hop to the opposite side that you grab the seat with. Try it out, in the long run it will work out.

Nice video! You kind of have the same riding style as me. And I like the style of editing and choice of song.

Nice job on the 5 stair, I’m going to try to do one today.

I know I do this wrong and I have tried hopping to the left, right foot forward, right hand holding the seat, but it just feels so awkward! I would just hate having to start learning a new way that doesnt feel natural for me. How much of a difference will it really make?

Edit: Ps, thanks for the advice!

It’ll make a big difrence in the long run.

~runs off to find a decent kerb

Thanks alot :slight_smile:
good luck with the stairs aswel. Those 5 felt really nice to do

Yea I used to jump left w/ my left hand too. But I started trying right handed and I improved a whole lot. Which is kind of wierd because I jump SI w/ my left and SIF w/ my right…But that probably made me better w/ switch hand grips.

nice video i enjoyed watching it

Cool video, you’re a little bit better than me right now.

Thanks! Do you have a video? If so, id like to see it